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RESOLUTION 1961 <br />A RESOLUTION of the City of Anacortes, Washington, relating to parks & recreation; <br />authorizing a single source designation to furnish Northwest Parking Equipment Company <br />Ventek Campground Pay Station as the pay station for Washington Park, and authorizing <br />the Parks & Recreation Director to carry out this authorization. <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ANACORTES, <br />WASHINGTON, AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1. Recitals and Findings <br />1.1 Washington Park uses Ventek automated pay stations in both the boat trailer lot and <br />the campground. <br />1.2 The City of Anacortes has been using Northwest Parking Equipment Company's <br />Ventek units and service for over twenty years. <br />1.3 These two pay machines operating in the park have become essential components of <br />both the guest experience and the successful collection of revenue. <br />1.4 The Ventek pay station at the campground has long exceed its expected life span and <br />needs replacement. <br />1.5 The machine recommended by staff to replace the campground pay station is the <br />Ventek Pay N Display PCI Compliant venSTA TION, which was selected because it <br />uses the Venvue accounting and reporting system currently used by Parks and <br />Finance Department staff. <br />1.6 Northwest Parking Equipment Company is the sole Ventek vendor in the state of <br />Washington. <br />Section 2. Designation of Single Source Purchase. Based on the findings above, it <br />is appropriate for the City to waive the competitive bidding requirements as to purchasing <br />Northwest Parking Equipment Company's Ventek pay station. <br />Section 3. Authority of Parks & Recreation Director. The City's Parks & Recreation <br />Director is authorized to ratify Northwest Parking Equipment Company as a single source