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Resolution No. 1949 <br />A Resolution Repealing Resolutions No. 1867 and 1923 <br />Adopting New City Council Procedures <br />Whereas RCW 3SA.11.020 provides that "the legislative body of each code city shall have power to <br />organize and regulate its internal affairs ... and to define the functions, powers, and duties of its <br />officers and employees"; <br />Whereas RCW 3SA.12.120 provides that "the council shall determine its own rules and order of <br />business, and may establish rules for the conduct of council meetings and the maintenance of <br />order''; <br />Whereas the City Council wishes to adopt new procedures to govern itself and increase the <br />efficiency and effectiveness of its meetings; <br />Whereas the procedures adopted with Resolution No. 1867 on July 1, 2013, are insufficient for that <br />purpose; <br />Now, therefore, be it resolved by the City Council of the City of Anacortes: <br />Section 1. Resolutions No . 1867 and 1923 are repealed. <br />Section 2. The procedures attached as Attachment A are a dopted. <br />Section 3. This Resolution shall take effect on April 15, 2016 after publication as requ ired by law. <br />PASSED by the City Council this r day of A,ti I .2016. <br />CITY OF ANACORTES: <br />Attest: <br />Steve Hoglund, City Clerk/Treasurer <br />1