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• i <br /> ORDINANCE NO 258 An Ordinance of the City of Anacortes, Washington, Granting to the <br /> SEATTLE AND MONTANA RAILROAD COMPANY, its Successors and Assigns, the <br /> Right, Privilege, Authority and Wranchise to Locate, Construct, Maintain <br /> and Operate a line of Railroad, Consisting of one or more Railroad Tracks, <br /> In the City of Anacortes, and In, Along, Over and Across Sundry Streets, <br /> Avenues and Alleys in said City, Providing for Sundry Spur Tracks, Cross- <br /> overs, Turnouts and Switches, and Granting to said Railroad Company, its <br /> Successors and Assigns, Rignts of Way for such Tracks In, Along, Over and <br /> Across all such Streets, Avenues and Alleys of said Cityq and providing <br /> The City Council of the City of Anacortes, Washington, Do Ordain as <br /> Follows, to-wit: <br /> Section 1. The Seattle and Montana Railroad Con, <br /> ar , a corporation <br /> duly created, organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the <br /> State of Washington, its sucoessors and assigns, is hereby granted, in <br /> perpetuity, the right, privilege, autnority and franchise to locate, con- <br /> struot, maintain and operato a standard gauge line of Railroad, consisting <br /> of one or more railroad tracks, toget.ner wItn all necessary crossovers, <br /> turnouts, sidings, switches and connections between any of said tracks, in, <br /> along, over and across sundry streets, avenues and alleys within the limits <br /> of said city, and also a right of way for said tracks in, along, over and <br /> sundry <br /> across all said streets, avenues and alleys in said city, which said right <br /> of way shalt be, and is hereby declared to be, except as may be hereinafter <br /> specifically not forth, fifty (50) feet in width. That the blue print <br /> map filed 1n the office of the City Clerk of the City of Anacortes, and <br /> made a part of this ordinance, shown the strip of land hereinafter deo <br /> scribed as the right of way for which this franchise Is granted, In-so-far <br /> as the same is embraced within the portions of the streets, avenues and <br /> alleys hereinafter named• That the following is a description of said <br /> right oj way,to-wit: <br /> The west forty-four (44) feet of the east fifty (50) feet of Q, <br />