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Ordinance Number <br /> An ordinance providing for the appointment by the mayor subject to confir^i- <br /> ation by the city council of a city marshal3yone rolieemenga police justice, <br /> a city engineer and a superintendent of streets fixing their salaries and <br /> repoaling all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith. <br /> The city c )until of the ctty of Ana,c,ortes do ordain as feller s:- <br /> Section 1. At the meeting of the city council held for organization on <br /> the first Tuesday* of January of each year.the mayor shall appoint a city <br /> marsha,liZ,one pliceman,and a police justiee,to hold office for the period of <br /> one year from and after said first Tuesday* in January and Cantil their sue- <br /> cesbors are appointed and qualified unless .-Ponrr 2enoved uy the Mayor by <br /> and with the consent of not less than four councilmen. <br /> Section 2e At the same time and place the mayor shall also= appoint a <br /> city engineer and a street superintendent who shaZ1 hold office and be em- <br /> ployed by the city during the pleasure of the mayor* <br /> Section 3. All appointments of officers and employees rade by the mayor <br /> i.,zder and by virtue of sections 1 and 2 of this ordinance shall be subject <br /> to confirmation by the city council,Final action on any appointment sbnll <br /> be taken by the city council not later than the second re,,ular raeotin- after <br /> the submission of the same by the mayor to the city council:provided.howaver, <br /> that failure by the city council to take such action on any appointment made <br /> b;; the mayor within the tine aforesaadsshall be deemed a cont 1 ivat-1 on.Tf <br /> thf- cit-, coimuil shall refuse to confirm any app&intment by the Mayor then <br /> he shall or or before tie next meeting of the council therea,iter,appoint <br /> another pe --son to fill the office or positionvand he may co -.tinuc to aproInt <br /> 1 <br /> imttl his ap,o,.nt,ioait is conflrmcd, 1n case the mayor fails to make anotrer <br /> appointment wit.ironc week from tae rejection of the appointment of the <br /> same office or position then the city, council ma, elect a, ovitall- person to <br /> f-11 the office or position duzing the term. <br /> Section 4. The salary and compensation of the above named officers and <br /> enployees shall be as follows:- <br /> The city marshals shall i cceive -- dollars per Month, <br /> The policeman shall receive LT4f dollars per month. <br /> The police justice shall receive such fees as are a,llowod him by lana <br />