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Ordinance Number r n o <br /> An ordinance providin; for an annual city election for elective officers. <br /> The city council of the city of Anacortes do ordain as folloy+s:- <br /> i0ect.ion I* % The city clerk be and he is hereby directed to publish in <br /> the official newspaper of the ci y of Anacortespand post in each ward of <br /> said city for a period of ten daysian official notice of a genoralA leetmon <br /> to be held in the said city on the 8th day of DeeembervA.D•l903. <br /> Section 20 Said notice shall spoeiftf that the folloving officers shall <br /> then and there b%lectedpto wig,: <br /> one mayor for one year# <br /> one city clerk for one years <br /> one cit- attorney for one year# <br /> one city treasurer for one yearp <br /> ono health officer for one yearf <br /> one councilman at large for one yearp <br /> one councilman i i first i and for tyro yearso <br /> ono councilman in second rard for two yearsp <br /> one counciftnan in third ward for two yearep <br /> Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect and be in fo oe from and <br /> after five days alter ite publication• <br /> , <br /> If ej <br />