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r <br /> Ordinance Number ls/ . <br /> An ordinance amenaing sections 4 and 5 of ordinance number 239,being <br /> an ordinance entitled " An ordinance providing for street improvement <br /> and repealing ordinance number 73; approved Nov.4th.#1901. <br /> The cityt council of the city of Anarortes does ordain as follows:- <br /> Saco [, That section 4 of ordinance number 239 being an ordinance <br /> entitled " An ordinance providing for street improvement and repealing <br /> ordinance number 73" approved Nov.4th.,1901 is hereby amended to read <br /> as follows: Sec.4. By the provisions of such ordinance a local im- <br /> provement district shall be established to be called "Local Improvement <br /> District U=z which shall inclkde all of the property <br /> fronting on the street to be improved between the points named in such <br /> resolution# to the distance back from such street, if platted inXz <br /> blocks and lots#120 feet provided the block is 240 feet or more in <br /> length and if less than 240 feet in length then to the center of the <br /> block; if platted only in blocks to the center of each block; and if <br /> not platted to the distance of 120 feet. Such ordinance shall also <br /> pxovide that such improvement shall be made#and that the cost and ex- <br /> penses thereof shall be taxed and assessed upon all the rrororty in <br /> such local improvement distrzctlwhlch cost shall be assessed in pro- <br /> portion to the number of feet of such land and blocks fronting there- <br /> on# and included in such inprover-ent distrzct,and in proportion to the <br /> benefits derived by said improvement;proviaed that said ordinance may <br /> pxovide.if the city council shall so determine#that there may be ex- <br /> pended from the general Rand for such pur-uses such sures as in the <br /> judgment of said city council may be fair and equitable in conoidera-- <br /> tion of benefits accruing to the general pubile by reason of such <br /> Improvement* Saia ordinance shall ale-o proviae that the expense of all <br /> improvements in the space formed by the function of tTo or pore streets <br /> or wrere one main street terminates in or crosses another street,and <br /> also all necessary street crossings or crossways at corners or inter-- <br /> sections of streets, and expenses of establishing#builaing and repairlus <br />