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Ordinance Number <br /> An ordinance providing that all sidewalks hereafter laid upon that <br /> part of Commercial Avenue which lies between the south side of Third <br /> Street and the North side of Tenth street shall be made of cement and <br /> providing a penalty for violation thereof. <br /> The city council of the city of Anacorlec do ordain as follows: <br /> Sec. Is That all side´┐Żlks hereafter laid vpon that part of Commercial <br /> avenue xkJ= in the city of Anacortes Which lies between the south <br /> side of Third street and the north side of Tenth street sha11 be ce- <br /> ment Walks of such width and character as shall be p ,ovided b;r the <br /> specifications therefor adopted by the city or by such committee or <br /> co=iittees of the city council as shall be given authority to adopt <br /> the same.and shall be constructed under the supervision of the city <br /> engineer; and it shall be unlawful to lay or construct any other or <br /> different sidewalks than such as is provided for in this section with- <br /> out express permission from the city council:proyided,phoweverl that <br /> should any person or persons obtain from the city permission to ex- <br /> cavate under any such sidewalk on any part of said avenue the walk over <br /> such excavation may be constructed of slab stone the kind and charac- <br /> ter thereof to be approved by the city engineer and shell be laid un- <br /> der the supervision of said engineer andlas far as practicable= shall <br /> conform to the specificati--,ons ft cement wants. <br /> Seo# `d. Any and a12 persons violating ary of the provisions of <br /> this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon con- <br /> e. <br /> vixtion thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $100 and costs <br /> of prosecution. <br /> Seo. 3. Any person Who may have wholly or partially constructed <br /> any sidewalk in violation of this ordinance wn.o shall allow the whole <br /> or any part thereof to remain upon said avenue after ten days notice in <br /> rrItIng given by the street commissioner to remove the same shall be <br /> guilty of a mmisdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in <br /> the sum of five dollars for each dory which he shall allot said unlaw- <br /> fully constructed sldew lk to so remain after such noticepand My <br />