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i • <br /> ORDINANCE NO <br /> Being an ordinance amending section three ( i) of ordinance <br /> No 2T8 of the city of Anacortes <br /> The city council of the city of Anacortes do ordain <br /> as follows. <br /> Section I That section three (3) of ordinance No 2I8 be and the <br /> same is hereby amended so that the same wall read as follows <br /> The li(-ensp fee for the sale of intoxicating licuors shall he <br /> A <br /> collars per annum. <br /> Section 2 This ardsnance shall take effect and he in force from and <br /> five dais from its passage, approval and publication <br /> Alegrao "3�ch;...Ig03 <br /> Mayor.- <br /> 7 (A I nr_x IZAYO 7 <br /> r <br /> c� <br />