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V • r �" �' G O • <br /> Ordinance No <br /> w <br /> Being an ordinance amending section six of ordinance number 230 of the <br /> city of Anacortes <br /> The City Council of the City of Anacortes do ordain as follows <br /> Section 1 That section six of ordinance number 230 be and the same <br /> GAG W <br /> is hereby amended so that the same will read as follows The following <br /> ^_ <br /> rates shall be charged for licenses issued under the provisions of this <br /> ordinance . <br /> Each Circus and for each exhibition of monstrosities or <br /> freaks of nature, for each twenty four hours-----------450 oo <br /> Each Side show with circus,each twenty four hours,-----------IO on <br /> Lach refreshment stand with circus,each twenty four hours,--- 5.on <br /> Each Bowling Alley or Shooting Gallery,each twenty four hours 5 oo <br /> Each negro minstral performance,each twenty four hour,,----- TO oo <br /> Fach hall or bullning to be used as a theatre or <br /> theatre comique,opera house or other place of <br /> amusement,for pay,per vear----------------------------- P5 oo <br /> Lach exhibition of natural curiosity <br /> each twenty four hours---------------------------------- 5 on <br /> Fach exhibition of learned,skilted or trained animals, <br /> each twenty four hours--------------------------------- TO oo <br /> Fach exhtbi+ ion of theatrical performance,opera or <br /> variety show,each tt=enty four hours--s------------------I5 oo <br /> Each instrumental or vocal concert,each twenty four hours,--- 5 .00 <br /> Each exhibition of fine arts,each toynty four hours---------- 5 on <br /> Each Auctioneer, per year--------------------------------- TO oo <br /> Fach sale of goods-such as is usually sold in Jewelry, Clo- <br /> -tning.noots and Shoes Gents furnishinggoodsandA 4-1� ,L <br /> grocery store,made by an auctioneer, <br /> Pach twenty four hours--------------------------------- 15 on <br /> Fach merry-go-round,each twenty four hours------------------ MWaSM_Joe <br /> Each Throwing rack,Aoll Baby rack and kindred games, <br /> each twenty fnurhhurs -------------------------------- IO.00 <br /> rash shell ,jewelry seller,and fortune teller, <br /> each trenty four hours-------------------------------- IO.00 <br /> Each Hawker or pedlar of any kind of merchandise, <br /> each twenti four hours--------------------------- --- - 7 50 <br /> Tach second hand or Junk store or dealer in second hand goods, <br /> 3ixxkx:kx3ix:kyxgBxxxkiixXSx3txx--per-yeRvy----------------- I0 oo <br /> Each temporary booth,or stand, whether same be open or under <br /> canvas or board or other cover, in which are sold <br /> confectionarytes,fruits,soft drinks,and similar things <br /> or then meals or luncheons are served <br /> each tnenty four hours---------------------------------- 5 oo <br /> Lach and 'every person who shalt bring into the clty,any goods, <br /> wares or merchandi,e with a view to dispose of the same <br /> in any store,warehouuse,room or building by auction or <br /> otherwise, without anv bona-fide intention of engaging <br /> permanertly in the business of so selling or disposing <br /> of such goods,wares or merchandise,within the city, <br /> each twenty four hours---------------------------------- 5.00 <br /> Provided however, that the charge for any definite time,wherever it <br /> occurs in this ordinance is the minimum charge thereof and Provided, <br /> further, that the provisions hereof spall not apply to the sale of any <br /> M rm,orchard or garden poducs or fish or game by resitents of Skagit <br /> county.or manufactured articles produced mn the city of Anacortes and <br /> provided further, that exhibitions, shows or amusements had or held---- <br />