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Ordinance No. l� <br /> Being an ordinance providing for the calling of an annual city election <br /> for elective officers. <br /> The City Council of the City of Anacortes do ordain as follows* <br /> Section I. That the city clerk be and he is hereby directed to pub- <br /> lish in the official newspaper of the city of Anacortes,and post in each <br /> ward of said city,for a period of ten days,an official notice of a gener- <br /> al city election,to be held in said city on the and day of December,A.D. <br /> 1902. <br /> Section 2. Said notice shall specify that the following officers <br /> shall be then and there elected,to wit: <br /> One mayor for one year, <br /> One city clerk for one year, <br /> One attorney for one year, <br /> One traasurer for one year, <br /> One councilman at large for one year, <br /> One councilman in first ward for two years, <br /> One councilman in second ward for two years, <br /> One councilman in 4m4 - ward for two years, <br /> Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and <br /> after five days from its passage,approval and publication. <br /> Approved this_day of Nov r,1902. <br /> Mayor. <br /> Introduced at a regular session of the common council on the 3rd day of <br /> November,A.D.1902. <br /> Reported on by the city attorney on the day of November,1902. <br /> Passed by the common council at a regular meeting thereof on the 171' dayd <br /> of November,190 <br /> Attests �4j✓ / City Clerk. <br /> Published November <br />