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Ordinance No . <br /> An Ordinance fixing; the time after w�riich it shall be ur�lawf'iil for chi.l- <br /> dren to 'o, upon the ,streets and other pvzblic 1)1aoes within the city of <br /> Anacortes `vi.thoitt-, authority from' parents,,and pro},ibitin[; parents or t--uar- <br /> duns permi_nfi.on thero,kor px et: in earns of noc -',`silty and pro <br /> - <br /> y-.p.nnaltgr fox vio_latio,r.. f <br /> The Cite Council of, the City of Ana cortedo Ordain ars f.o11oti:s : <br /> Sec . I . It ;.ha_l_l be unlawful for any- Thoy or irl undo- t he tii e P six- <br /> teen fir; errs to be or. a�near upon the streets or other pblx price in the <br /> (7i_1;v of Ana^ortes,"Wa•shino-ton,af.ter o ' clock p .m. 1'e.twoen'-the fi'i,�:ct p <br /> ri.a;:' of _.�►� and the f.irrst day of i� _ �irld <br /> o ' clock. p .m. bstween the first (ia-' of -4 and' .the .:fii'5;t; eta;r <br /> of a without author J,ty or pprrission of t <br /> cit: marshal or ma:-or;l)rovided,holvever, thiE,> nrdi nan.ce, sht.11 not X11)1)1_;' <br /> o a_i y b oy or Li'°1_ ?v�io pmy be on the street or. other publ_i.r y lace: a(tr,om- _ <br /> pani_ed by their p<iront or `.uardian,or in cases of, ne,co;i5;ity,7;,rh(,n such boy <br /> or r i rl ha with hi., i or her the written "por )s.,, _on of such parent or <br /> 4r <br /> forth the ` r'ciiirrd. of ,t;iir:h nececsi.ty and the duties to be <br /> })erformed by such bov or and vetch boy - orLirl he (&ctuuJ_l_y en,;ar;ed in <br /> 1)eforr!iintho� duti os dor which" such Pori i 5—i_on rL,inted. <br /> SPc . 2 It shall_ be unlaw1"ul for a.ny parent or guardian of any child or <br /> ward to crant a permit--ion as' set forth in section one of t !i.i., ordinance <br /> unless a case of necessit;,T actuaJ__l_y e.:ist 1 <br /> Sec . 3. An-,7 person found ;tzali;r of wi_lfiil violation of t:ho provi_siohm �\ <br /> of thi,q ordinance kh&l_l be deeriPd ,ui-1tv o -.i-ii.3meanor .and 1±KKA :ix <br /> r. <br /> dnxi gcxwd A1,6on .00n.viction therefor ha II be fined in any sum not than <br /> • ollars xaY <br /> c4oll�irs nor more than �.�_._. .- ��D �� 1Ax <br /> Sec . 4. Thin✓ ti��ctj._�ance 5ha�_1 tale. e:�fect rind be in <br /> J. <br /> From and niter <br /> f vPric vs fro]. i t; �� -sa e approval. an�� piabl i.c<�7,i_on. <br /> � t* <br /> • �j ��.� tea,:r.��...�s�:����� �I�������,� ri�Gy <br />