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Ordinance ',o JA <br /> Beim; an ordinance a,iending "ection ?O of Ordinance No 8 of City of <br /> Anacorteb <br /> TqP citj council of the Cl �r of Anaco, te5 do ordain r : fol Jowg - <br /> So( t 1.o1.1 1 That sec` l n'q 20 of Ordinance No 8 be and t'1e ,, mP is hLre- <br /> b r mended 5o that t-(I Sa nc frill read Voll o% s Anv- poi-,ori fj d for <br /> the t» olat, oll of tty city orainance)wzo sndll net,lect,refu5e or fail to <br /> xray stch fine and costs thereon,Snall be confined in the city prison,or <br /> ellen t <br /> cn^�r _ ,a labor Ripon the streets or public property or work , of Sne <br /> city for i period e(lt*allntj one day for each three dollars embraced i '1 tho <br /> aE,gresate of sc id i l ne and costs provided tnet In no ease shell any per- <br /> son, for the violation of a cit�r ordinance,he imprisoned or compelled to <br /> labor for a Greater period .han three -loaths <br /> Sect -ion 2 This ordinance snail Adke efrect and ne in force fro•n and <br /> ai'ter r, vF ria rs fro•l its pC SsaLP,ap,)r ove1 end pubs icdt i.on <br /> fed" 'fely 0-f- <br /> d <br /> rw 4 e/,V Coq ls-a, &e of 'm /1e (oy- �� nfY�.E �. /yaf- <br />