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r • <br /> Ordinance No � <br /> Being an ordinance for the improvement of Commercial Avenue in tho City <br /> of qnacortec by tear3.n� up and re ~iovi ng from sctid Auenue Tor the ft ll <br /> wrath theroof,frorr curb to curb,al i L,lank, and dobri o,c nd j, re-planking <br /> said Avenue for the full t,zdth theroof,fro m curb to curb,from a point <br /> nine' s Feet nooth of the south line of Railroad Avert e to the nortil line <br /> of Third Street, and oy graveling; said Commorcial Avpnue, from curb to <br /> curb,from the north line of Third Street to the north line of Eleventh <br /> Street in said city,and to create a local i,iprovement district to be <br /> called "Local Improvement Distr?ct No and a local improvement, fund <br /> to be called "Local Improvement Fund No _,for the payment of vatd irn- <br /> provement, and that ,aid payment bo o„r immecliate payment as prescribed by <br /> Ordinance No 239 <br /> Whoreas, the City Council o'' the Cit. of Anacortes,did,on the )rd day of <br /> February,1902,dv1: pass a resolution Ofelarinr its inteDtion to improve <br /> Commercial Avenue b.r replanking the Same for the full widtn thereof, from <br /> c»rb to c1ro,from a point ninety feet north of the sot,tr lire of Railroad <br /> Avenue to the nort"h lixte of Taird StrPct,,,rd Iv, graveling said Commercial <br /> Avenge for tbP fall ui dtb tnereof,from curb to curb, f rom the north line <br /> or Third Street to the north lire of Flovonth Street, cold rewli.tion coR <br /> taining the e,i inatpd c osf or said imps ovement as based t lion tho rc Fort <br /> or the al"'ycngineer previovely made aria f'ilco wy nirn,c�nd 1 rovldirig that <br /> the co,t of stria improverient cxcopt that part which Is in the sp,.ce form <br /> ea b-y t1P ,function of two or more strests,or there one main street tc,r- <br /> minateg in or crosses another street is to be assessed against thy, pro- <br /> perty abutting on that Portion of the ,aid Avenue proposed to be improved <br /> (and i,rica r�ll be ir( luded in an assessnenu district to be estoblish^d) , <br /> whicAl of bolation P.Lxed i-ho lctii d4�r of Februarir,1QO29as the lata da-y of <br /> tt)e tine wxt ,i?n irhi eh protests Zi cxxnc,t sct,d pfol osed inproveriett ,hotllct <br /> be fa.lod with tho city clork, tne said 19th day of February219029beinf* <br /> -noro than ten da,rs after the oass ge of said rosolttion,and, <br /> Whoreu ,, the ei t y cloy% oia causo the oald rpoolvtion to be Vublj ,heti. 3n <br /> the I'Anac oY oeo Amory can" ,a tireokl! neuspappr publishod lig ,aid cf i y and <br /> f <br /> the o-Lficial nelyspvpor V soi.d city, for t 16ast two consecutive issues <br /> I <br />