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Ordinance No <br /> f <br /> Being an ordinance prohibiting rid?ng,driving or encroac -Ling upon,or ob- <br /> structing sidewalAs, and repealingxnxdxnax section 4 of Ordinance NO 111 <br /> The City Council of the City of Anacortes do ordain as Pollolrs <br /> Section 1. Any person who shall ride,drive or lead any horse or oth- <br /> er aiiirqal upon or across any sidewalk wi the City of Anacortes,or who <br /> shall encroach upon the same with any vehicle, or who shall place or al- <br /> low to remain thereon for a longer period than two hours anything which <br /> in any manner obstructs the same shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, <br /> and shall upon conviction thereof be fined in any sure not oxceoding twen- <br /> ty five dollars. <br /> Section 2. Notaine, in this ordinance shad be construed to prohibit <br /> the riding or driving upon and across a sidewalk where there shall have <br /> first been constructed a permanent artificial approach flush with said <br /> sidewalk and ►here there shall have been constructed for a width of at <br /> least eight feet a crossing similar to the crossing at alleys which cross <br /> ing shall have been approved by the street committee,I)rovided,howe ver, <br /> that in so driving upon or across said sidewalA the same shall not at any <br /> S e�beaob tr�llC el .to ziey@CJorri %ex no i// � uoj A A.�r.�E. w �tsaf-fir /LI/tom-&A <br /> Section *. That this ordinance shall bx take effect and be in force <br /> from and after five dPY8 ft r its passagP, pproval and publication. <br /> Attest <br /> City Clerk <br /> v17 /!D'Lr�Li G 4 R� fl11el.f p�P.,�Lt" "r za� <br /> r `o�IN�o� GZ ,�� �i.� A�i�y � j,7z ✓^-� ��/if OIC r �.��.u� / C ;1 <br /> c�c� 1,�..�mit �h a�r :=U -5- G✓e� � /Q'�,,a.� /�b� <br /> � C <br /> +EI-P <br /> r <br />