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t 1 <br /> 1 <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 2241, <br /> Being an ordinance levying a tax upon the personal property <br /> and real property within the city of Anacortes, Skagit county, <br /> state of Washington, for municipal purposes for the year I900,A <br /> The city council of the city of Anacortes do ordain as follows; <br /> Section I. That the assessment roll for the year I999, as made <br /> by the county assessor and corrected and equalized by the <br /> county and state boards of equalization, be and the same is <br /> hereby received, adopted and confirmed, and the va ious va atiow <br /> named therein so co � <br /> rrected and equalized, are^declared to be <br /> the true assessed valuations of the reale andipersonal property <br /> therein described. <br /> Sec. 2. That there be and hereby is levied upon all prpperty, <br /> real and personal, subject to taxation, within the corporate <br /> limits of the city of Anacortes, Skagit county, Wash., for <br /> municipal purposes and the indebtedess fund of the city of <br /> Anacortes, the sum of V& - (/o <br /> upon each and every dollar <br /> of said property being A&OZ& 03, for current expences and <br /> 40?-(oI7�" for the indebtedness fund, and which shall be <br /> collected and placed '`L�°/to the credit of the current <br /> expence fundandtl /-4r ' �)to the indebtedness fund. <br /> Sec. 9. That the tax herein provided for be collected and <br /> distributed as provided by the laws now in force. <br />