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ORDINANCE <br /> An ordinance to proviac for the purchase of the water works,and all <br /> such dater supplies,riparian rithts,right$ of way,lands,lots,reservoirs, <br /> personal property and franchises as are now owned and operated by the <br /> Anacortes slater Company for seven thousand fine hundred dollars, to pro- v <br /> vide for the maintenance tnereof by repairs and renewals, to Provide for <br /> constructing extensions and additions thereto,deelaring the estiriatcd <br /> cost of such maintenanee,by repairs and renewals,and of eongtructing suer <br /> f/ extensions and additions;to provide for borrowing money to be used in <br /> payment therefor by issuing negotiable special water fund bonds of the <br /> City of Anacortes for the sum of twenty thousand dollars,creating a spec- <br /> ial water fund for the payment of such bonds and interest therPon,and to <br /> provide for Ikm calling a special election for submitting such questions <br /> to the qualified voters of said city for their ratification or rejection <br /> The City Council of the City of Anacortes does ordain ac follou s. <br /> Section 1.That the offer of the Anacortes Water Company to sell the water <br /> works,and all such sources of water supplies,riparian rights,and rights d <br /> of way,lands,lots,reservotrs,personal property and franchises as are now <br /> owned or operated by said Anacortes Water Company for the sum of Seven <br /> Thousand 2stim Five Hundred Dollars,be and the same hereby is submitted <br /> to the qualified voters of the City of Anacortes,upon the terms and sub- <br /> ject to the conditions hereinafter particularly specified. <br /> Section ? If the City of Anacortes shall become the o,rner of said water <br /> V works and sources of supply, it will be necessary for the proper mainte- <br /> _S nancp of said system that repairs and renewals be immediately made and rel <br /> 11' said system extended so that the same ,'tall be sufficient to adequately <br /> supply said city and its inhabitants with pure fresh water sufficient for <br /> all necessary pxxpumm uses,which repairs,renewals,extensions and addi- <br /> tions shall be substane-i—ally as follows For the _proper maintenance of <br /> said system the will rener by the substitution of mer water pipe,such <br /> portions of the present pipe li-se, are unfit for use approximating 9300 <br />