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CONTRACT 18-145-TRN-001 <br />Between <br />cag THE CITY OF ANACORTES <br />AND <br />WIDENER&ASSOCIATES <br />GUEMES CHANNEL TRAIL PHASE 1—COMPLIANCE REVIEWS <br />This Agreement, hereinafter referred to as"Agreement", made and entered into between the City <br />of Anacortes, hereinafter referred to as the "City", and Widener &Associates, hereinafter referred <br />to as the "Consultant"; <br />WHEREAS, the City requires professional services of the Consultant to perform compliance <br />reviews of the Guemes Channel Trail Phase 1 project; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of mutual benefits accruing, it is agreed by and between <br />the parties hereto as follows: <br />1. Scope of Work. Under this Agreement, the Consultant shall provide services necessary to <br />perform a HPA compliance review and report, and a shoreline compliance review and report, of <br />the Guemes Channel Trail Phase 1 project. Work is detailed in the attached Exhibit A, which is <br />hereby incorporated by reference and made a part hereof. <br />Work shall be performed under the direction of City's Project Manager, Mr. Matt Reynolds, who <br />may be reached at (360) 299-1951 or email <br />2. Price. The services provided under this Agreement shall be provided on a time-and-materials <br />basis not-to-exceed Twenty-Nine Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Dollars ($29,680.00). <br />Payment terms are set forth under Article 4 Payment Terms. <br />3. Period of Performance. The period of performance is from inception through December <br />31, 2018. <br />4. Payment Terms. Payment shall be on a time-and-materials basis not to exceed the Price <br />stated under Article 2, Price. Payments shall be made in accordance with attached Exhibit A, <br />which is hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Other direct costs and <br />Subconsultant costs shall be invoiced at actual costs. <br />5. Subcontracts. The Consultant shall give notice reasonably in advance of placing any <br />subcontract; preferably the Consultant shall identify subcontracts before subcontracted work <br />begins. "Subcontract" means any contract entered into by a subcontractor to furnish supplies or <br />services for performance of the prime Consultant or a subcontractor. It includes, but is not <br />limited to, purchase orders, and changes and modifications to purchase orders. <br />The following information shall be included (i) a description of the supplies or services to be <br />subcontracted, (ii) identification of the type of subcontract to be used (iii) identification of the <br />proposed subcontractor, (iv) proposed subcontract price. Unless consent or approval specifically <br />provides otherwise, consent by the City shall not constitute a determination — <br />1) of the acceptability of any subcontract terms or conditions; <br />2) Of the allowability of any cost under this contract,; or <br />3) To relieve the Consultant of any responsibility for performing this Contract. <br />The Consultant shall give immediate written notice, reference Clause Notices, of any action or <br />suit filed and prompt notice of any claim made against the Consultant by any subcontractor or <br />vendor that, in the opinion of the Consultant, may result in litigation related in any way to this <br />contract, with respect to which the Consultant may be entitled to reimbursement from the City. <br />DocuSign Envelope ID: 31E4D5CB-45F0-4015-B5A8-CF2D2467D9C4