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Contract I amber 09-011 -TRN-004 <br /> G%'´┐Ży OA Modification 03 <br /> Date May 20,2010 <br /> 9 41 <br /> $oogR Modification No. 03 <br /> Page 1 of 2 Pages <br /> Contract Number 09-011-TRN-004 <br /> Contract Title 6th Street Reconstruction Project <br /> Prime Contractor Schwetz Construction, Inc. <br /> PREAMBLE <br /> This modification incorporates a complete copy of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Provisions1273 dated March 10, <br /> 2009 and two FHWA 1273 Amendments dated May 25, 2007 and March 26, 2009. These documents are cited in Section 1- <br /> 07.12 of the Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents for the 6th Street Reconstruction Project. <br /> This modification also adds Line Item 52 to the Bid Schedule authorizing a storm connection and storm drain at Station 5+85 <br /> (Ref. No. 8). This work increases the contract price from$444,643.52 by$3,248 to$447,891.52. <br /> Accordingly, the Contract is modified as follows: <br /> ARTICLE I. WORK <br /> Under the second paragraph, add an item that reads, <br /> (7) ADD: Tie into the existing 12-inch storm line on the north side of 6th Street and create a manifold to pick up the 2 4-inch <br /> storm services on the south side of 6th Street. <br /> ARTICLE III, CONTRACT TIMES AND LIQUIDATED DAMAGES <br /> Paragraph A.1. second sentence, is revised to read"Physical Completion as defined in section 108.5 of the Special Provisions shall <br /> be achieved within Fifty-Six(56)working days of the Notice to Proceed. <br /> ARTICLE IV. CONTRACT PRICE <br /> First paragraph,first sentence is revised to read "....which is included as Exhibit B based upon the Unit Prices shown." <br /> First paragraph, second sentence revise to read"The total contract price is Four Hundred Forty-Seven Thousand Eight Hundred <br /> Ninety-One Dollars and Fifty-Two Cents ($447,891.52), including sales tax." <br /> ARTICLE VI. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS <br /> Under Paragraph B revised to read: <br /> "4. Exhibits to this Agreement include: <br /> Exhibit A: Conformed Bid Form signed by Contractor. Executed Performance and Payment Bond. Required <br /> documents submitted by the Contractor prior to the execution of Agreement as identified in the"Instruction <br /> to Bidders". <br /> Exhibit B: Exhibit B under Modification 01, superseded by Exhibit B dated May 11, 2010 under Modification 02, <br /> superseded by Exhibit B dated May 20, 2010 under Modification 03 <br /> Exhibit C: Drawing to Revise Curb Radius on I Avenue(Ref 4) <br /> Exhibit D: Drawing to Install Driveway at 1705 6th Street (Ref 5) <br /> Exhibit E: Drawing to Remove and Replace Driveways at San Juan Hotel (Ref 10) <br /> Exhibit F: Drawing to Abandon 6-Inch Waterline at K Avenue (Ref 9) <br /> Exhibit G: Drawing and Specifications to Install ADA Ramps at N Avenue and M Avenue <br /> Exhibit H: Schematic for Larger Vortech Vault <br /> Exhibit I: FHWA 1273 dated March 10, 2010 and FHWA 1273 Amendments dated May 25, 2007 and March 26, 2009 <br /> Exhibit J: Drawing and to Install storm drain at Station 5+85 and picture locating installation site <br />