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Contract i mber 09-011-TRN-004 <br /> 1Ty Re, Modification 02 <br /> Date May11,2010 <br /> 41001` . Modification No. 02 <br /> Page 1 of 2 Pages <br /> Contract Number 09-011-TRN-004 <br /> Contract Title 6th Street Reconstruction Project <br /> Prime Contractor Schwetz Construction, Inc. <br /> PREAMBLE <br /> This modification corrects the extended quantities as provided in Modification 01. Because Exhibit B under Modification 01 <br /> incorrectly stated the Original Contract Plan Quantities (original bid quantities)the Revised Contract Quantities are incorrect. <br /> This modification does not change the adjustments agreed upon for the change order work, it merely corrects the Original <br /> Contract Plan Quantities thereby revising the sum quantities under Revised Contract Quantities as shown on the attached <br /> Exhibit B(changes highlighted in yellow)_ <br /> Accordingly,the contract price is revised from$451,297.35 by($6,653.83)to$$444,643.52 including sales tax. The Contract is <br /> modified as follows: <br /> ARTICLE IV. CONTRACT PRICE <br /> First paragraph, first sentence revise to read"....which is included as Exhibit B dated May 11, 2010 based upon the Unit Prices <br /> shown." <br /> First paragraph, second sentence revise to read "The total contract price is Four Hundred Forty-Four Thousand Six Hundred <br /> Forty-Three Dollars and Fifty-Two Cents($444,643.52), including sales tax." <br /> ARTICLE VI. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS <br /> Under Paragraph B revised to read: <br /> "4. Exhibits B(dated 5/11/10) through H incorporated by reference and made a part hereof." <br /> Ali other terms and conditions remain unchanged. <br /> The parties acknowledge that there has been an opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of this Modification and agree <br /> to be bound accordingly. The Contractor releases the City from any and all claims whatsoever nature which may arise in <br /> performance of this Contract which are not set forth through this Modification. <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES SCHWETZ COSNTRUCTION, INC. <br /> `' �l <br /> � r)..._.1.-)01,GtAf1 <br /> - By M -7,t•��By 1' <br /> H. Dean Maxwell, Mayor gig- nature <br /> Date '( 2-8 / , Printed NameiZ,,, / (a ✓ 'L 7 ttidZ <br /> Title PreCidf /A4-- <br /> . <br /> Date �.�p?1 J 1 C/ <br />