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CONTRACT AGREEMENT 09-011-TRN-004 <br /> Page 1 of 3 <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, made in three (3) copies, each of which shall be deemed original, <br /> and entered into this day of , 2010, between the City of <br /> Anacortes, Washington, a Municipal Corporation (hereinafter called OWNER) and <br /> Schwetz Construction, Inc. (hereinafter called the Contractor.) <br /> WITNESSETH: <br /> That in consideration of the terms and conditions contained herein and attached and <br /> made a part of this agreement, the OWNER and CONTRACTOR hereto covenant and <br /> agree as follows: <br /> I. WORK. <br /> The Contractor shall do all work and furnish all tools, materials, equipment, and <br /> transportation required for the construction of 6th Street Reconstruction Project - <br /> 2009, Project No. PW#09-011-TRN in accordance with and as described in the City <br /> of Anacortes document entitled "Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents <br /> 6th Street Reconstruction Project" dated January 2010 and City of Anacortes <br /> letter of February 17, 2010 which are hereby incorporated by reference and made a <br /> part hereof, and shall perform any changes to the work in accord with the Contract <br /> Documents. <br /> II. ENGINEER. <br />• Unless otherwise specifically stated, the word "Engineer" shall be understood to <br /> mean the OWNER'S Project Manager or the OWNER'S authorized representative <br /> who will perform the Contract Administration and field inspection responsibilities <br /> Ill. CONTRACT TIMES AND LIQUIDATED DAMAGES. <br /> A. Contract Times: <br /> 1. Unless modified by the proposal, work shall start within Ten (10) <br /> working days after issuance of the Notice to Proceed. Physical <br /> Completion as defined in section 1-08.5 of the Special Provisions <br /> shall be achieved within 45 Forty-Five working days of the Notice to <br /> Proceed. The Contract Time shall commence upon issuance of the <br /> Notice to Proceed. <br /> B. Liquidated Damages: <br /> 1. If said work is not completed within the time specified for Physical <br /> Completion, the Contractor agrees to pay the Owner the sum <br /> specified in Section 1-08.9 of the Standard Specifications for each <br /> and every working day said work remains incomplete after expiration <br /> of the specified time, as liquidated damages. <br /> IV. CONTRACT PRICE. <br /> The OWNER, hereby promises and agrees with the Contractor to retain and does <br /> retain the Contractor to provide the materials and to do and cause to be done the <br /> above-described work and to complete and finish the same according to the plans <br /> and specifications contained in document entitled "Plans, Specifications, and <br /> Contract Documents —6th Street Reconstruction Project —2009, January 2010", and <br /> the terms and conditions herein contained, and hereby the OWNER contracts to pay <br /> CA-1 <br />