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TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT <br /> FOR <br /> INGRESS AND EGRESS <br /> City of Anacortes PROJECT: Guemes Channel Trail <br /> P.O. Box 547 PROJECT LOCATION: waterfront on Oakes Ave. <br /> Anacortes,Washington 98221 OWNER: Lovric Landing LLC <br /> OWNER ADDRESS: 3022 Oakes Ave. <br /> PARCEL NUMBER(s): P31702, P31739, P58446, <br /> P58467 <br /> By this agreement made this Jo c day of N . 2014, <br /> F a of E'iYc°E f.o v oP I c- , a PPRF.6 I AEn/T— c 1- z- c (hereinafter <br /> referred to as "Owner"), hereby grants permission to the City of Anacortes and its contractors, <br /> employees and assigns (hereinafter referred to as"City"),the right and privilege to enter upon the <br /> land for the purpose of performing improvements for the above-listed project. <br /> Also for and in consideration of the sum of$46,009.43 dollars in hand paid,the Owner also hereby <br /> grants City the right to construct a temporary roadway and use the same for ingress and egress for <br /> laborers, materials and equipment to the Guemes Channel Trail project and to move obstructions <br /> interfering with the ingress and egress as is necessary to be performed in connection with subject <br /> project. The land to which this temporary construction agreement for ingress and egress applies <br /> is legally described in Exhibit "A" and depicted in the map attached as Exhibit "B," and hereby <br /> incorporated by reference. The terms of this agreement shall be binding on Owner's successors <br /> and assigns and shall be a covenant running with the land until the City has completed the above <br /> listed project, which shall not exceed two (2) years commencing on the date hereof <br /> The Owner and City,by granting and accepting this temporary construction for ingress and egress <br /> construction agreement respectively, mutually covenant and agree as follows: <br /> 1. The City and/or its authorized agents or subcontractors will make reasonable efforts to <br /> minimize disruption and inconvenience to said property and uses made thereof <br /> 2. This temporary construction agreement for ingress and egress shall expire and become null <br /> and void at such time as the City has completed the Guemes Channel Trail project in the vicinity <br /> and all work associated therewith, which time period will not exceed two (2) years from the date <br /> hereof <br /> 3. The City shall protect and save harmless the Owner from and against any and all claims, <br /> damage to or loss or destruction of property suffered by the Owner, his/her/their successors and <br /> assigns caused by said Guemes Channel Trail project, however, the City shall not be so obligated <br /> for any damage, loss or destruction caused by the fault of the Owner, his/her successors and <br /> assigns, tenants, licensees and invitees. <br /> R:WActive ProjectsWPW_2013WPW-13-016-TRN Guemes Channel Trail Segment VIIWPermits &EasementsWLOVRIC TEMP <br /> CONST AGT 071614.docx <br />