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<br />554 West Bakerview Road <br />Bellingham, Washington 98226 <br />360.647.1510 <br /> <br />October 14, 2021 <br />Lance Campbell <br />4201 O Avenue <br />Anacortes, Washington 98221 <br />Attention: Lance Campbell <br />Subject: Letter Report <br />Critical Areas Assessment <br />4201 O Avenue <br />Anacortes, Washington <br />File No. 25575-001-00 <br />INTRODUCTION AND PROJECT UNDERSTANDING <br />GeoEngineers, Inc. (GeoEngineers) was contracted by Lance Campbell to delineate wetlands and assess <br />potential impacts to critical areas at 4201 O Avenue (Figure 1, Vicinity Map). We understand that an <br />approximately 20-foot-wide gravel road was installed at the project location without permits from the City <br />Planning, Community and Economic Development Department (City). The City issued a Notice to Cease and <br />Desist Order letter on September 16, 2021 notifying you that the road had been constructed near a <br />City-mapped wetland. The letter states that “Consistent with Anacortes Municipal Code (AMC) <br />19.070.020(G), you must provide a wetland critical areas report to show wetland and buffer boundaries, <br />wetland category, buffer requirements, impacts to wetland and or wetland buffers, and proposed wetland <br />restoration of impacts.” AMC 19.70.165 lays out procedures and requirements for Unauthorized Critical <br />Area Alterations. <br />Per communications with you and City staff, this report includes assessment of all areas within 150 feet of <br />the newly installed road; this assessment area is shown in Figure 2, Site Plan. This report is based on the <br />recently updated Anacortes Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) AMC 19.70. A 150-foot assessment area radius <br />assumes that no Category I or Category II wetlands with a high habitat function score are located within <br />300 feet or 225 feet of the newly installed road, respectively. <br />Site Location and Description <br />The project site is located at 4201 O Avenue in Section 30 of Township 35 North and Range 2 East of the <br />Willamette Meridian and Water Resources Inventory Area (WRIA) 3 (Lower Skagit - Samish) within the City <br />of Anacortes. The site is situated within a suburban residential area outside of downtown Anacortes. The <br />only existing structures observed on the property are a wooden fence and a single family residence with a <br />detached garage. The site primarily consists of a grassy mowed field bisected by the new gravel driveway.