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<br />7409 Greenwood Ave N, Suite A <br />Seattle, WA 98103 <br />206.839.0819 P // 206.839.0824 F <br /> <br />January 7, 2022 <br /> <br />Rachel Cloward <br />Ryka Consulting <br />5628 Airport Way S, Suite 330 <br />Seattle, WA 98108 <br /> <br /> <br />Re: Acoustical Report – Dish SESEA00415A <br />Site: 8674 S March Point Road, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> <br />Dear Rachel, <br /> <br />The following report presents a noise study for the proposed Dish telecommunications facility at <br />8674 S March Point Road in Anacortes, Washington. This noise study extends from the proposed <br />equipment to the nearest properties. The purpose of this report is to document the existing <br />conditions and the impacts of the acoustical changes due to the proposed equipment. This report <br />contains data on the existing and predicted noise environments, impact criteria and an evaluation <br />of the predicted sound levels as they relate to the criteria. <br /> <br />Ambient Conditions <br /> <br />Existing ambient noise levels were measured on site with a Svantek 971 sound level meter on <br />December 17, 2021. Measurements were conducted as close to the proposed location as <br />possible and the property lines in accordance with the State of Washington code for Maximum <br />Environmental Noise Levels WAC 173-60-020. The average ambient noise level was 62 dB(A). <br /> <br />Code Requirements <br /> <br />The site is located within the City of Anacortes zoning jurisdiction on property with an HM (Heavy <br />Manufacturing) zoning, in Commercial use. The receiving properties are all in Commercial use. <br /> <br />The proposed new equipment includes equipment support cabinets, which are expected to run <br />24 hours a day. <br /> <br />Anacortes Municipal Code Chapter 17.54.010 incorporates Washington Administrative Code <br />Chapter 173-60 in its entirety by reference. Under WAC 173-60, noise from equipment on a Class <br />B EDNA (Commercial) property is limited as follows: <br /> <br />Class B EDNA Receiver: Noise is limited to 60 dBA 24 hours a day. <br /> <br />Additionally, WAC 173-60-040 allows that during any one-hour period, the maximum permissible <br />noise level may be exceeded by 5 dBA for a 15 minute period. Therefore, the generator must not <br />exceed 65 dBA at the receiving properties when running during daytime hours for maintenance <br />testing. The generator is exempt during emergency operation. <br />