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The use of these plans and specifications is restricted to the original site for which they were prepared. Re-use, reproduction or publication by any method <br />in whole or in part is prohibited, unless authorized by Michael Trafton. Ownership of the design, plans and specifications is solely with Michael Trafton. <br />Document Date: <br />Design Concepts <br />Document Phase: <br /> remarkmichael trafton4534 sharpe rd. anacortes, wa. 98221telesis.trafton@gmail.com360.420.1497 cell/texttelesisdesignteam.comWesterly View Inc.5204 Kingsway Anacortes,WA. 98221A1.01108'131'142.5'129.8' <br />26'22'14'14' <br />14' <br />S I T E P L A N <br />SCALE 1/16" =1'-0"A1.01 <br />1 <br />N <br />32ND STREET <br />COMMERCIAL AVEexisting sidewalk <br />Landscape area between 32nd <br />street and building with low <br />landscape berm and trees <br />utilize <br />existing 26' <br />curb cut <br />vacate 1/2 of <br />existing 40' <br />curb cut <br />Existing Guardian Title <br />Add curb <br />and low <br />landscaping <br />New Card <br />Reader <br />and gate <br />location Existing Guardian Title <br />Parking Area <br />New <br />Main Wash <br />Tunnel Entry <br />existing sidewalk <br />Existing Employee Parking AreaNew curb and planter to <br />separate car lane from <br />detail bay <br />Detail Bay <br />Detail Bay <br />Office <br />Exit <br />existing sidewalkExisting Vacumn Area <br />add curb and planting <br />around vaccumn area existing sidewalkadd curb and low <br />landscape area <br />around existing <br />signage <br />Wash Bay <br />Wash Bay <br />Add curb <br />and low <br />landscape <br />separation <br />Wash Bay <br />Wash Bay <br />Entry <br />Main Exit <br />New Trash <br />Enclosure Wash TunnelSignage <br />relocate existing trash <br />enclosure area and <br />provide landscape <br />buffer around <br />perimeter <br />Safety Stripping <br />PROPERTY LINEPROPERTY LINEPROPERTY LINEPROPERTY LINEPROPERTY LINE20'SETBACK existing 4' high chainlink fencelane <br />Site Photo <br />PROPERTY LINE <br />lane <br />lane <br />14' designated lane <br />with stripping <br />P113085(0.2579 ac) LOT 2 OF <br />SHORT PLAT NO. ANA <br />98-001 AF#9803050033, <br />SECTION 30, <br />TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, <br />RANGE 2 EAST, W.M. <br />P113086(0.1488 ac) LOT 3 OF SHORT <br />PLAT NO. ANA 98-001 <br />AF#9803050033, SECTION 30, <br />TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, RANGE <br />2 EAST, W.M. <br />P33168(0.4100 ac) TAX 100: ALL THAT PORTION OF GOVERNMENT LOT <br />1, SECTION 30, TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, RANGE 2 EAST OF THE <br />W.M., DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: COMMENCING AT THE <br />INTERSECTION OF THE SOUTH LINE OF SAID GOVERNMENT <br />LOT 1 WITH THE WEST LINE OF COMMERCIAL AVENUE IN THE <br />CITY OF ANACORTES, SKAGIT COUNTY, WASHINGTON; <br />THENCE NORTH ALONG THE WEST LINE OF SAID <br />COMMERCIAL AVENUE 150.0 FEET TO THE TRUE POINT OF <br />BEGINNING; THENCE SOUTH 89 DEGREES 52' WEST <br />PARALLEL WITH THE SOUTH LINE OF SAID GOVERNMENT LOT <br />1 FOR A DISTANCE OF 129.78 FEET; THENCE NORTH 0 <br />DEGREES 30'15' WEST, 142.53 FEET TO THE CENTERLINE OF <br />THE ALLEY PRODUCED WEST FROM BLOCK 2 OF WHITNEY'S <br />FIRST ADDITION TO THE CITY OF ANACORTES; THENCE EAST <br />ALONG THE CENTERLINE OF SAID ALLEY PRODUCED TO THE <br />WEST LINE OF COMMERCIAL AVENUE; THENCE SOUTH <br />ALONG THE WEST LINE OF COMMERCIAL AVENUE 142.22 <br />FEET TO THE TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING. <br />Bubba-Sudz Carwash <br />PLN-2021-0017 <br />10/7/2021