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Free Movie Night on Kingsway (August 20, 2021) <br />I,a resident near the proposed movie site of August 20, 2021, <br />understand that parking on Kingsway may get congested and <br />noise levels will be much higher than normal between the <br />hours of 8:30 PM and 11:30 PM, and I am Okay with that. <br />AddresS Printed Name Signature <br />5408 Kingsway David Schmelke <br />540 Kiauyana Kane ma <br />I/ANEhJazpFa <br />S4 Sn5SNayJondy Mr ( Alendy Mel <br />DArD YvÁV <br />55 oG SuCAloH|Alan Hoca <br />5404iaas un4| Katfykleiszth <br />53/4 STERLNG oRSHELB 0. HAIRR <br />551 Ksa Nantsy nalay 2lancq_bislly