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:(Y 015/ <br /> Contract 09-011-TRN-002 <br /> AI/ °.� • <br /> Modification 01 <br /> q� Grp Date May 25,2010 <br /> lecreA Modification No. 01 <br /> Page 1 _ of 2 Pages <br /> Contract No. 09-011-TRN-002 <br /> Contract Name 6`1' Street Reconstruction Project <br /> Prime Contractor Geo Test Services,Inc. <br /> Background <br /> On March 1,2010,construction began for this project. This Task Order Modification authorizes the Consultant to support the <br /> construction phase of the project. The Consultant shall conduct material testing and report on the test results of those materials <br /> used by the general contractor on this Project. Testing requirements for this Project shall follows WSDOT protocols and <br /> guidelines, The price under this Task Order will increase from$6,450.00 by$9,611.00 to$16.061.00. The initial work under <br /> this task order supported the design phase of the Project. <br /> Task Order 09-011-TRN-002 is revised as follows: <br /> Under STATEMENT OF WORK, insert the following as second paragraph, <br /> "During the second phase of this Task Order,the Consultant shall support the construction phase of the project by <br /> conducting material sampling and testing and report lab tests to the City. Test types and frequency are based upon: (1) <br /> engineering quantities contained in the construction contract for aggregate, asphalt and concrete, (2)the number of <br /> concrete pours estimated by the general contractor, and (3)WSDOT standards. Test types and frequency are shown on <br /> Exhibit B hereto which is incorporated by reference." <br /> Under COMPENSATION the total not-to-exceed price contained in the first sentence is revised from "Six <br /> Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($6,450.00)" and shall read "Sixteen Thousand Sixty-One Dollars <br /> ($16,061.00)" <br /> Under SCHEDULE, the end date is revised from"July 31,2009"to"May 30, 2010 <br /> All other terms and conditions under this Agreement remain unchanged. <br /> The parties acknowledge that there has been an opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of this Modification and agree <br /> to be bound accordingly. <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES GEOTEST SERVICES, INC. <br /> By ‘71 40— <br /> H. Dean Maxwell, ayor Signet <br /> Date '1 Z7I L, inted Nameif e LAI EA.) <br /> Title A-112,1 .S <br /> Date 11 574 5-74D <br />