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s.TY_o TASK ORDER 09-011-TRN-002 <br /> R` Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 08-040-ADM-005 <br /> 02 BETWEEN CITY OF ANACORTES and GEOTEST SERVICES, INC. <br /> *10016 <br /> Task Order No. 09-011-TRN-002 <br /> Task Title 6th Street Reconstruction Project <br /> Consultant GeoTest Services, Inc. <br /> Consultant Contact David Jellum Phone 360.733.7418 Email <br /> City Contact Steve Lange Phone 360.661.3468 Email <br /> City Project No. 09-010-TRN-002 Budget Line No. 445.09.33.595.42.63.05 <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> The City is in the design phase to reconstruct 6h Street from the intersection of l Avenue and 6th Street to the <br /> intersection of K Avenue and 6th Street. The 2-lane roadway improvements will include medians and a <br /> pedestrian bike lane. To support the design phase, the City needs bore holes drilled to determine soil <br /> conditions. <br /> STATEMENT OF WORK <br /> The Consultant shall provide the labor, tools, and materials to bore 8 holes with a maximum 10' depth. The <br /> boring locations are shown on the attached vicinity map (Exhibit A). The Consultant shall bore holes to <br /> determine soil conditions and submit soil reports along with a recommended cross section based on the soil <br /> reports. <br /> All provisions under Basic Ordering Agreement 08-040-ADM-005 dated March 24, 2009 shall be in full force <br /> and effect for this Task Order. <br /> COMPENSATION <br /> The total not-to-exceed contract amount is Six Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($6,450.00). The work <br /> shall be performed on a time and materials basis in accordance with the Basic Ordering Agreement and <br /> reimbursed accordingly. <br /> SCHEDULE <br /> The period of performance for this work is from inception through July 31, 2009. <br /> APPROVED <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES GEOTEST SERVICES, INC. <br /> By , De-A,nJ 1 t) w[l By J ; 011,9 _C <br /> Signature 14, a .... Signature ✓ <br /> Title YVIIW D L Title �!r <br /> Date -1 [ 11. j+ 0 Date <br /> R:Active Projects\PW_200912-Transportation Projects\PW-09-011-TRN 6th Street Reconstruction Project\B- Design\B.1 -Task Order <br /> Agreements\B.1.2-Geotest\Task Order 09-011-TRN-002.doc <br />