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tsY o TASK ORDER 05-071-TRN-007 <br /> Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 08-040-ADM-008 Between the <br /> City of Anacortes and Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc, <br /> �cogt Page 1 of 2 <br /> Task Order No. 05-071-TRN-007 <br /> Task Title Prepare Biological Reports and Permits—Guemes Trail Design PHASE Il <br /> Consultant Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc. <br /> Consultant Contact Jim Wiggins Phone (360) 856-2139 Email <br /> City Contact Rob Hoxie Phone (360) 293-1921 Email <br /> City Project No. 05-071-TRN-005 Budget Line No.,63.12 <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> The purpose of this task order is to authorize the Consultant to assist the City during the preparation of the <br /> required biological reports and permits for the design and future construction of Guemes Trail Phase II Project. <br /> Phase II design of the trail extends from Edwards Way cul-de-sac to WSDOT Ferry Terminal off 12`h Street in <br /> Anacortes,WA. <br /> DESCRIPTION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT <br /> The following preconstruction services shall be provided by the Consultant: <br /> • Update of the Grette Associates Ship Harbor Wetland Delineation Technical Memorandum, dated 18 <br /> March 2004. This includes on-site confirmation of the existing delineation, collection of additional <br /> data, update the functional assessment, and completion of a report/addendum to assure the Report is <br /> compliant with the current City of Anacortes Critical Areas Ordinance. The estimated level of effort <br /> assumes that Ship Harbor delineation remains the same. <br /> • Assist and consult with City to finalize the design and "placement" of Guemes Trail— Phasell <br /> • Prepare a mitigation plan and related reports for trail construction. <br /> • Review JARPA and SEPA prepared by City. City will provide figures on the reports. <br /> • Consultant and City will reflag the proposed trail corridor. City will survey the proposed trail corridor <br /> for figure preparation. Survey will include significant trees within a 60-foot corridor (with trail situated <br /> in center of corridor), topography, and cut/fill. <br /> The Basic Ordering Agreement between the City of Anacortes and Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc. BOA No 05-040- <br /> ADM-008 shall be in full force and effect for this Task Order. <br /> COMPENSATION <br /> The work described in this Task Order shall be performed on a Time and Materials (T&M) basis not-to-exceed <br /> Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($13,500.00). The estimated level of effort is 130 manhours. <br /> • <br /> R:1Active Projects\PW_20051PW-05-071-TRN Guemes Channel Trail1PHASE 21ATSI Phase II 7-16-10.doe <br />