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otiTy 04, TASK ORDER 05-071-TRN-005 <br /> Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 08-040-ADM-008 <br /> 900 w Between the City of Anacortes and Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc. <br /> Task Order No. 05-071-TRN-005 <br /> Task Title Provide Construction Management to Protect Biological Aspects of the Trail <br /> Consultant Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc. <br /> Consultant Contact Jim Wiggins Phone (360) 856-2139 Email <br /> City Contact Rob Hoxie Phone (360) 293-1921 Email <br /> City Project No. 05-071-TRN-005 Budget Line No. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> Earlier this year Gilbane Development Company privately constructed 1500 feet of pedestrian-bike trail as part <br /> of San Juan Passage Residential Development; the beginning of the Guemes Trail. In support of the trail <br /> construction, the Consultant performed an environmental review of the vegetation management plan <br /> construction management services during construction. The City is beginning construction of 718 feet of trail <br /> that will connect to the east end of the 1500-foot of trail built under the San Juan Passage Development. This <br /> City construction project is entitled Phase I Guemes Trail Construction Project, Under this Task Order the City <br /> will authorized the Consultant to provide construction management services for this Project. The light blue line <br /> shown on the attached map entitled "Guemes Channel Trail— Phase I, II & Ill illustrates the location of the <br /> City's Project. <br /> DESCRIPTION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT <br /> To complete all aspects of the City's Phase I Guemes Trail Construction Project, the Consultant shall provide <br /> on-site construction management services with specific emphasis on the biological aspects of the trail. During <br /> construction of the trail, restoration areas will be cleared. Once the restoration areas are clearly visible and <br /> measurable the Consultant will monitor on-site planting, and finalize quantities and types of plants that shall be <br /> incorporated into the restoration areas such as shoreline vegetation trees, shrubs and seedlings. <br /> The Basic Ordering Agreement between the City of Anacortes and Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc. BOA No 05-040- <br /> ADM-008 shall be in full force and effect for this Task Order. <br /> COMPENSATION <br /> The work described in this Task Order shall be performed on a Time and Materials (T&M) basis not-to-exceed <br /> Four Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($4,500.00) <br /> SCHEDULE <br /> The Consultant shall complete the services described above by December 31, 2010. <br /> APPROVED <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES AQUA-TERR SYSTEMS, INC. <br /> By H. Dean Maxwell By , �• (° <br /> Signature <br /> Title Mayor Title ,4.E <br /> Date 1 to ' Date ' Cam, <br /> R:1Active Projects\PW_20051PW-05-071-TRN Guemes Channel Trail\CONTRACTS&GRAIITS\ATSI Phase 1\Task Order 10-26-09.doc <br />