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Modification 01 - TaskDate Order <br /> January Number4,2010 09-011-TRN-001 <br /> ��" ° Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 08-040-ADM-010 <br /> 90O1S Modification No. 01 <br /> Page 1 of 2 Pages <br /> Task Order No. 09-011-TRN-001 <br /> Task Order Title Topographical Survey& Engineering for Street and Storm Improvements at 6th Street <br /> Prime Contractor Northwest Datum& Design, Inc. <br /> Background <br /> In response to meetings with local residents,the City is adding sidewalk on the south side of 6th Street from that originally <br /> planned for the 6th Street Reconstruction Project. It is now planned that the sidewalk will extend down K Avenue up to N <br /> Avenue. In consideration of the additional work,the not-to-exceed price of this Task Order will be increased from$52,900 by <br /> $12,492.90 to$65,392.90 <br /> Accordingly,the original Task Order is modified as follows: <br /> Under DESCRIPTION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT, insert the following as the second paragraph to this section: <br /> Per Modification 01 to the Task Order, the Consultant shall also survey and complete <br /> the topo to include 3 additional blocks on the south side of 6th Street down K Avenue <br /> up to N Avenue. The Consultant shall topo from the centerline of 6th Street to the <br /> south right-of-way line for these 3 blocks and include storm drainage utilities to <br /> support the design of new curb returns and adjust the catch basins design if <br /> necessary. The plans shall provide a note advising the construction contractor to <br /> demo the existing sidewalk and water meters to allow for the construction of a 10-foot <br /> wide sidewalk and 30-foot curb returns that the Consultant shall design. This new <br /> work shall be included on 3 additional plan sheets: the top-half of each plan sheet <br /> shall show the existing condition and demo plan and the bottom-half shall show the <br /> new construction. <br /> Under COMPENSATION,the first sentence is revised to read, "The work described in this Task Order shall be <br /> performed on a time and materials (T&M) basis for a not-to-exceed price of Sixty Five Thousand Three <br /> Hundred Ninety-Two Dollars and Ninety Cents($65,392.90)." <br /> Under SCHEDULE, this section is revised to read, "The Consultant shall complete the services described <br /> above by December 31, 2009." <br /> All other terms remain unchanged. <br /> The parties acknowledge that there has been an opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of this Modification and agree <br /> to be bound accordingly. <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES NORTHWEST DATUM &DESIGN, INC. <br /> JJ <br /> ByJ. By �� " <br /> H. Dean Maxwell, Mayor - Signature / <br /> �Date / /? / 0 Printed Name d �� S / / / <br /> Title -eio +G-Grz 7 <br /> Date l/5fO <br />