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1`t 1 O TASK ORDER 05-071-TRN-001 <br /> Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 05-064-ADM-001 Between <br /> the City of Anacortes and Leonard, Boudinot & Skodje, Inc. <br /> �q :c Page 1 of 4 <br /> Task Order No. 05-071-TRN-001 <br /> Task Title Civil Engineering & Land Surveying for Plans &Specs—Guemes Trail Phase I Design <br /> Consultant Leonard, Boudinot & Skodje, Inc. <br /> Consultant Contact Bob Boudinot Phone (360) 336-5751 Email <br /> City Contact Rob Hoxie Phone (360) 293-1920 Email <br /> City Project No. 05-071-TRN-001 Budget Line No. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> The City, in partnership with Gilbane Development, is commencing Design Phase I and Construction Phase I <br /> of the"Guemes Channel Trail Project". Ultimately, the City plans that the Guemes Trail, an off-road non- <br /> motorized pathway, will become a continuation of the 2005 APWA Award Winning Tommy Thompson Trail; a <br /> 12-foot wide pedestrian and bicycle trail. The first 6,000 lineal feet of trail design and construction is viewed in <br /> 3 phases. Design Phase I and Construction Phase I are within 2,600 lineal feet and are planned for <br /> completion in 2008. Phase II and Phase III are planned for completion in 2009. <br /> The scope of this Task Order will authorize the Consultant to survey 1,100 lineal feet of the shoreline <br /> eastwardly from the northeast corner of the Gilbane Development property located at the shoreline in <br /> Anacortes,Wa. The total lineal feet included in Design Phase I is 2,600, and 2,218 linear feet are included in <br /> Construction Phase I. In order to design 2,600 lineal feet of trail, the Consultant will incorporate the survey <br /> authorized under this Task Order in addition to the survey and design work separately contracted between the <br /> Consultant and Gilbane Development, which consists of 1,500 lineal feet survey and design work. The <br /> Consultant will incorporate the approved design into the Final Plans, Specifications and Bid Documents <br /> delivered under this Task Order. <br /> DESCRIPTION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT <br /> As mutually agreed, the Consultant shall provide engineering services and materials necessary to survey, <br /> design, and submit Plans, Specifications and Contract Documents for Construction Phase I of the Guemes <br /> Channel Trail Project as illustrated in Exhibit A, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. <br /> As shown in Exhibit A, Design Phase I includes 2,600 lineal feet, and Construction Phase I includes 2,218 <br /> lineal feet. Specific task activities to be performed by the Consultant are described below: <br /> Surveying <br /> The Consultant shall survey 1,100 lineal feet easterly from the northeast corner of Gilbane Development <br /> property for the construction of a 12-foot wide asphalt trail called the Guemes Channel Trail. A detailed <br /> topographic map of the shoreline shall be submitted with ground elevations determined to a 1-foot contour <br /> interval. The survey shall extend to the mean low water level and locate all major trees. Engineering D-Sized <br /> Drawings shall be submitted in three (3) copies for the entire 2,600 feet of Design Phase I (See Exhibit A). To <br /> meet this requirement, the Consultant agrees to provide Engineering D-Sized Drawings for 1,500 feet of the <br /> Trail, called "Gilbane 1,500 ft" on Exhibit A, at no cost to the City. The associated survey work for this portion <br /> is also provided at no cost to the City. <br /> Civil Engineering <br /> The Consultant shall prepare plans, specifications, and contract documents for the 12-foot wide asphalt trail <br /> with 1-foot crushed rock shoulders. At a minimum, the design for the plans and specifications shall include <br /> shoreline riprap protection, retaining walls on the up slope side of the trail if needed, and drainage <br /> improvements to convey water from the south side of the trail to the bay. When the Consultant submits the <br />