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s o TASK ORDER 09-011-TRN-001 <br /> o. <br /> Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 08-040-ADM-010 <br /> w� between the City of Anacortes and Northwest Datum & Design, Inc. <br /> 9000. Page 1 of 1 <br /> Task Order No. 09-011-TRN-001 <br /> Task Title Topographical Survey& Engineering for Street and Storm Improvements at 6th Street <br /> Consultant Northwest Datum & Design, Inc. <br /> Consultant Contact Douglas Schwind Phone 360.424.4865 Email <br /> City Contact Steve Lange Phone 360.661.3468 Email stevel@citvofanacortes.orq <br /> City Project No. 09-011-TRN-001 Budget Line No. <br /> DESCRIPTION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT <br /> The purpose of this Task Order is to authorize Northwest Datum & Design, Inc., hereinafter called Consultant, <br /> to survey, map, and produce an engineering design for 6th Street Improvements from H Avenue to K Avenue, <br /> and deliver a complete set of construction drawings that meet the City's design standards. Construction plans <br /> will address storm drainage, water, and road design, reference Exhibit B which is incorporated by reference <br /> and attached hereto. <br /> Activities to be performed under this Task Order are detailed in the attached Exhibit A, which is incorporated <br /> by referenced and attached hereto. The stricken text is deleted from Exhibit A <br /> The Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) between the City of Anacortes and Northwest Datum & Design, Inc., <br /> 08-040-ADM-010, shall be in full force and effect for this Task Order. <br /> COMPENSATION <br /> The work described in this Task Order shall be performed on a time and materials basis for a not-to- <br /> exceed price of Fifty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars ($52,900.00). Payment terms shall be in <br /> accordance with the Basic Ordering Agreement and the billing rates set forth therein. <br /> SCHEDULE <br /> The Consultant shall complete the services described above by July 31, 2009. <br /> APPROVED <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES NORTHWEST DATUM & DESIGN, INC. <br /> By H. Dean Maxwell By <br /> Signature N• c )1!0,,,„ Signature <br /> Title Mayor Title <br /> Date lo—(6-0") Date ``r"/� <br />