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Name Decision Date Project Description Applicant Name (LN, FN) Permit Number
CUP-1996-003[Icon] 7/15/1996 Private drive as access Wilmoor Development CUP-1996-003
CUP-1996-004[Icon] 7/15/1996 Building for cablevision equip. TCI Cablevision CUP-1996-004
CUP-1996-005[Icon] Private street as access Lambert, Robert CUP-1996-005
CUP-1996-006[Icon] 11/18/1996 Private drive as access 3 lots Strandberg, Nels CUP-1996-006
CUP-1997-001[Icon] 1/21/1997 Preschool/day care Corley, Victoria CUP-1997-001
CUP-1997-002[Icon] 5/5/1997 Bed & Breakfast Prosser, John CUP-1997-002
CUP-1997-003[Icon] 6/2/1997 Neighborhood Grocery R2 Michaud, Frank CUP-1997-003
CUP-1997-004[Icon] 8/4/1997 30 residential condo LM zone Knight, Kenneth CUP-1997-004
CUP-1997-005[Icon] 12/15/1997 Private street 4 lots Strandberg, Nels CUP-1997-005
CUP-1997-006[Icon] 12/15/1997 Alliance Living Center Mock, John / HMH Management CUP-1997-006
CUP-1997-007[Icon] 3/8/1998 Expand duplex to fourplex Stampe, Kurt CUP-1997-007
CUP-1998-001[Icon] 1/5/1998 Water pump booster station R2 zone Malo, Tony / Rock Ridge LLC CUP-1998-001
CUP-1998-002[Icon] 4/20/1998 Expansion in R 3 zone Westminster Presbyterian Church CUP-1998-002
CUP-1998-003[Icon] 6/1/1998 Parking lot Skagit County Public Works CUP-1998-003
CUP-1998-004[Icon] 5/4/1998 Preschool and day care R 2 Turner, Melody / Little Folks University CUP-1998-004
CUP-1998-005[Icon] 9/21/1998 Remodel existing structure for retail sales Shiohira, Ruth CUP-1998-005
CUP-1998-006[Icon] 10/5/1998 2 of 4 lots for single family Ruzich, Vito & Maria CUP-1998-006
CUP-1998-007[Icon] 10/5/1998 14-unit cond in CM zone Lighthouse Park Village CUP-1998-007
CUP-1999-001[Icon] 2/1/1999 2 4-plexes in R 3 zone Lakota, Inc. CUP-1999-001
CUP-1999-002[Icon] 6/21/1999 Private street as access Prosser, John CUP-1999-002
CUP-1999-003[Icon] 6/21/1999 Bed & Breakfast Cline, Roger and Jean CUP-1999-003
CUP-1999-004[Icon] 8/16/1999 Add a 3rd room B & B Manning, Carleton and Creamola CUP-1999-004
CUP-1999-005[Icon] 8/16/1999 100-125 space parking lot Anacortes School District CUP-1999-005
CUP-1999-006[Icon] 8/16/1999 Pole sign Sevieri & Co. CUP-1999-006
CUP-1999-007[Icon] 8/16/1999 Blimp advertising sign San Juan Pool & Spa CUP-1999-007
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