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Name Decision Date Project Description Applicant Name (LN, FN) Permit Number
CUP-1992-003[Icon] Relocate radio tower KLKI CUP-1992-003
CUP-1992-004[Icon] 4/20/1992 Private Street as access Sargent, John CUP-1992-004
CUP-1992-005[Icon] 4/6/1992 (1) expand the high school athletic fields; 92) encroach on wetland/3 acres of created wetland Anacortes School District CUP-1992-005
CUP-1992-006[Icon] 4/6/1992 Private street as access Fernando, David CUP-1992-006
CUP-1992-007[Icon] 7/6/1992 Bed & Breakfast 2-room Robinson, Ralph CUP-1992-007
CUP-1992-008[Icon] 11/16/1992 Overflow pipe City of Anacortes Parks Dept. CUP-1992-008
CUP-1993-001[Icon] 3/1/1993 2nd residential unit Harker, James CUP-1993-001
CUP-1993-002[Icon] 5/17/1993 Duplex Kersgard, Al CUP-1993-002
CUP-1993-003[Icon] 8/16/1993 Residential condos in CM zone McKee, Don & Billie CUP-1993-003
CUP-1993-004[Icon] 9/7/1993 Bed & Breakfast – 3 rooms Sherman, Chris & Katherine CUP-1993-004
CUP-1993-005[Icon] 10/18/1993 Senior Center/Head Start Fidalgo Center CUP-1993-005
CUP-1994-001[Icon] 3/6/1994 RV Park in HM Zone Stockwell, Richard & Barbara CUP-1994-001
CUP-1994-002[Icon] 2/7/1994 Encroach into wetland buffer Stockwell, Richard & Barbara CUP-1994-002
CUP-1994-003[Icon] 3/7/1994 Add dormitory Shannon Point Marine Center CUP-1994-003
CUP-1994-004[Icon] 4/18/1994 Condos in CM zone Richter, Joe CUP-1994-004
CUP-1994-005[Icon] 5/2/1994 Private drive as access Knorr, Ed CUP-1994-005
CUP-1994-007[Icon] 10/17/1994 Single Family in CBD Gossner, Louis and Sharon Merrill CUP-1994-007
CUP-1994-008[Icon] 12/5/1994 Private street as access – 2 sites Nicoll, Jacquelyne CUP-1994-008
CUP-1995-001[Icon] 5/1/1995 Single family on 6,0000 sq ft Klint, Dale CUP-1995-001
CUP-1995-002[Icon] 5/1/1995 Expand facility by 5,475 sq ft LDS Church CUP-1995-002
CUP-1995-003[Icon] 5/1/1995 Private Drive 2 building sites Ekern, Richard CUP-1995-003
CUP-1995-004[Icon] Swimming Pool Sign Fidalgo Park & Rec District CUP-1995-004
CUP-1995-005[Icon] 8/21/1995 Expansion of facility Salvation Army CUP-1995-005
CUP-1996-001[Icon] 3/4/1996 Expansion & improvement Island View School CUP-1996-001
CUP-1996-002[Icon] 4/15/1996 Wetland mitigation Homestead Northwest CUP-1996-002
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