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Name Decision Date Project Description Applicant Name (LN, FN) Permit Number
CUP-1990-003[Icon] B&B Kassler, Tom CUP-1990-003
CUP-1990-004[Icon] 1/2/1990 Church Anacortes Emmanuel Fellowship CUP-1990-004
CUP-1990-005[Icon] Youth Hostel Olsen, Lucille CUP-1990-005
CUP-1990-006[Icon] 2/20/1990 Tri-plex Allen, Thomas CUP-1990-006
CUP-1990-007[Icon] 3/5/1990 B&B – 2 room Forness, William CUP-1990-007
CUP-1990-008[Icon] 2 duplexes Michaelson, Ed CUP-1990-008
CUP-1990-009[Icon] Private street to access 4 lots Welch, Bill CUP-1990-009
CUP-1990-010[Icon] 5/21/1990 Pump Station City of Anacortes CUP-1990-010
CUP-1990-011[Icon] 7/16/1990 Replace existing residence – public use zone Childs, Vic CUP-1990-011
CUP-1990-012[Icon] 9/17/1990 20,000 square foot addition Anacortes School District CUP-1990-012
CUP-1990-013[Icon] 9/17/1990 13,000 square foot addition Anacortes School District CUP-1990-013
CUP-1991-000[Icon] 10/7/1991 Golf Course in residential zone, 25 single family cluster homes in LM Zone Interpacific Golf Associates CUP-1991-000
CUP-1991-001[Icon] 1/7/1991 Gym expansion Anacortes School District CUP-1991-001
CUP-1991-002[Icon] 4/15/1991 Wetland Encroachment Mace, Jack CUP-1991-002
CUP-1991-003[Icon] 5/20/1991 Wetland Restoration Hawkings, Ed CUP-1991-003
CUP-1991-004[Icon] 5/20/1991 2nd residential unit Anderson, Robert CUP-1991-004
CUP-1991-005[Icon] 6/3/1991 Bridges over wetland Woolworth, Ron CUP-1991-005
CUP-1991-006[Icon] 6/3/1991 Triplex in RM zone Jurdi, Brena CUP-1991-006
CUP-1991-007[Icon] 7/15/1991 Log Storage Port of Anacortes CUP-1991-007
CUP-1991-008[Icon] 7/1/1991 Triplex in RM zone Allen, Thomas A. CUP-1991-008
CUP-1991-009[Icon] 10/17/1991 Relocate fence and landscaping wetland encroachment City of Anacortes Public Works CUP-1991-009
CUP-1991-010[Icon] 11/14/1991 (1) private street as access; (2) street cross stream/culvert Knutson, Darryl CUP-1991-010
CUP-1991-011[Icon] 5/22/1991 Encroachment into wetland buffer Larsen, Frank & Marilyn CUP-1991-011
CUP-1992-001[Icon] 1/6/1992 Install chain link fence GTE CUP-1992-001
CUP-1992-002[Icon] 1/6/1992 Fourplex in RM zone Baker, Ralph CUP-1992-002
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