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Name Decision Date Project Description Applicant Name (LN, FN) Permit Number
CUP-1999-008[Icon] 6/21/1999 Rock quarry Anacortes Parks Department CUP-1999-008
CUP-1999-009[Icon] 11/1/1999 Church expansion Methodist Church CUP-1999-009
CUP-1999-010[Icon] 11/1/1999 School expansion Samish Day Care CUP-1999-010
CUP-2000-001[Icon] 2/22/2000 Private drive – 2 lots Macy, James CUP-2000-001
CUP-2000-002[Icon] 2/22/2000 Highway sign Birch Equipment CUP-2000-002
CUP-2000-003[Icon] 3/20/2000 Church expansion Lutheran Church CUP-2000-003
CUP-2000-004[Icon] 5/1/2000 Master development plan to include towers and antennas Puget Sound Energy CUP-2000-004
CUP-2000-005[Icon] Panel array/dish antenna Western Wireless CUP-2000-005
CUP-2000-006[Icon] 5/1/2000 1,800 sq ft addition Western Washington University (WWU) Shannon Point CUP-2000-006
CUP-2000-007[Icon] 7/10/2000 Add 4 x 4 pole sign Seviere & Co. CUP-2000-007
CUP-2000-008[Icon] 7/10/2000 Duplex in R 2 zone Sadighmehr, Bahman & Dan CUP-2000-008
CUP-2000-009[Icon] 7/10/2000 Expansion project First Baptist Church CUP-2000-009
CUP-2000-010[Icon] 8/14/2000 Highway sign Skagit Valley Auto Mall CUP-2000-010
CUP-2000-011[Icon] 9/5/2000 Portable building – day care Anacortes School District CUP-2000-011
CUP-2000-013[Icon] 1/16/2001 Highway sign Jurkovich, Paolo CUP-2000-013
CUP-2000-014[Icon] Condos in Cm zone Ullrich, Sigi / Burrows Bay Condo CUP-2000-014
CUP-2001-001[Icon] 3/19/2001 Public Library City of Anacortes CUP-2001-001
CUP-2001-002[Icon] 10/15/2001 Single family residence Grimm, Don CUP-2001-002
CUP-2001-003[Icon] Collocate equipment AT&T CUP-2001-003
CUP-2001-004[Icon] 10/15/2001 159 unit hotel/condo in CM West Coast Land Investments CUP-2001-004
CUP-2002-001[Icon] 1/7/2002 7-unit motel in LM zone Dakota Avenue Gateway Marina CUP-2002-001
CUP-2002-002[Icon] 1/21/2003 Use 4 30’ x 100’ lots – 2 sites Jones, Margaret CUP-2002-002
CUP-2002-003[Icon] 10/8/2002 Yacht manufacturing facility Westport Shipyard CUP-2002-003
CUP-2003-001[Icon] 3/3/2003 Church in R 3 17.34.040 (A) New Hope Church CUP-2003-001
CUP-2003-002[Icon] 4/7/2003 Private street 17.67.010 – also Sub. Ord. modifications Wilmoor Development CUP-2003-002
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