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Name Plat Name Project Description Permit Number Date Recorded Applicant Name (LN, FN)
Lea Place[Icon] Lea Place 2-Lot Short Plat SP07-003 2/17/2009 Double F Inc.
Leetch[Icon] Leetch 4-Lot Short Plat SP08-004 5/19/2009 Leetch, Ron and Nancy
Logan Creek, Inc.[Icon] Logan Creek, Inc. 3-Lot Short Plat SP95-007 Clark, Duane
Longview[Icon] Longview 4-Lot Short Plat SP03-007 10/15/1980 Forret, Joseph and Darlene
Mann[Icon] Mann 2-Lot Short Plat SP04-012 9/13/2006 Mann, John and Linda
Marine Crest[Icon] Marine Crest 8-Lot Short Plat SP04-003 5/20/2005 Kirkpatrick, Todd
Marine Point[Icon] Marine Point 3-Lot Short Plat SP03-009 1/20/2010 Sunset View Condominium Developer, LLC
Mariners Cove[Icon] Mariners Cove 7-Lot Short Plat SP06-002 4/21/2008 Homestead North West
McKean[Icon] McKean 2-Lot Short Plat SP88-002 8/11/1988 McKean, Wayne and Christine
M-D Associates[Icon] M-D Associates 2-Lot Short Plat SP90-005 Bame, John and Mary
Mike Rudig[Icon] Mike Rudig 3-Lot Short Plat SP99-004 Rudig, Mike
Miller[Icon] Miller 2-Lot Short Plat SP06-008 12/21/2006 Miller, Robert and Diane
Moffitt[Icon] Moffitt 2-Lot Short Plat SP94-004 12/27/1994 Moffitt, Blaine and Paris
Moffitt/Ross/Strickert[Icon] Moffitt/Ross/Strickert 2-Lot Short Plat SP82-005 12/10/1982 Moffitt, Blaine and Paris
Moore[Icon] Moore 4-Lot Short Plat SP93-003 9/15/1993 Moore, Richard
Mountain View Park[Icon] Mountain View Park 4-Lot Short Plat SP87-001 1/4/1988 Serr, Willis and Florence
Nels Strandberg Eagle View Court[Icon] Nels Strandberg Eagle View Court 4-Lot Short Plat SP98-002 6/22/1998 Strandberg, Nels
Nels Strandberg Hillcrest Drive[Icon] Nels Strandberg Hillcrest Drive 3-Lot Short Plat SP97-001 12/18/1997 Strandberg, Nels
Nelson[Icon] Nelson 9-Lot Short Plat SP04-001 2/8/2008 Nelson, Larry and Amber
Nore[Icon] Nore 4-Lot Short Plat SP85-002 8/26/1985 Nore, Martin and Celestine
North Island Boat[Icon] North Island Boat 3-Lot Short Plat SP94-002 12/8/1994 North Island Boat
Old Brook Lane[Icon] Old Brook Lane 9-Lot Short Plat SP06-011 2/29/2008 City of Anacortes
Osborn[Icon] Osborn 3-Lot Short Plat SP89-002 10/12/1989 Osborn, George and Helen
Pacific Summit Construction[Icon] Pacific Summit Construction 3-Lot Short Plat SP95-001 5/4/1993 Pacific Summit Construction
Patricia Weekley[Icon] Patricia Weekley 2-Lot Short Plat SP93-005 1/4/1994 Weekley, Patricia
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