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Name Plat Name Project Description Permit Number Date Recorded Applicant Name (LN, FN)
Frazier[Icon] Frazier 3-Lot Short Plat SP06-004 9/19/2006 River Rock Company LLC
Geary[Icon] Geary 3-Lot Short Plat SP91-005 11/1/1991 Geary, Don
Geraldine Woods[Icon] Geraldine Woods 3-Lot Short Plat SP00-002 9/15/2000 Woods, Geraldine
Gleason[Icon] Gleason 2-Lot Short Plat SP08-002 10/27/2014 Gleason, Michael
Great Heights[Icon] Great Heights 2-Lot Short Plat SP12-264 10/23/2012 Gilden, Gene and Diane
Guthrie[Icon] Guthrie 2-Lot Short Plat SP90-002 10/4/1990 Guthrie, Gerald
Halgren[Icon] Halgren 2-Lot Short Plat SP84-005 7/18/1985 Halgren, Larry, Daniel Harbaugh and Sue Harbaugh
Hammons[Icon] Hammons 4-Lot Short Plat SP94-001 9/15/1994 Hammons, David
Harbor View Estate[Icon] Harbor View Estate 9-Lot Short Plat SP89-004 3/7/1990 Robertson Smith
Henke[Icon] Henke 4-Lot Short Plat SP84-003 1/21/1985 Henke, Elvin and Ardell
Heritage Village[Icon] Heritage Village 9-Lot Short Plat SP04-013 9/13/2006 H Avenue LLC (Nels Strandberg)
Hillcrest Short Plat[Icon] Hillcrest Short Plat 7-Lot Short Plat SP06-009 9/5/2007 Hillcrest Development LLC (Ted and Mary Anstensen)
Hofmann/Lavine[Icon] Hofmann/Lavine 4-Lot Short Plat and Boundary Line Adjustment SP01-001 1/8/2004 Hofmann, Arnold
Island View Place[Icon] Island View Place 3-Lot Short Plat SP04-002 1/24/2005 Allen, Tom
Ives[Icon] Ives 3-Lot Short Plat SP92-004 6/30/2003 Ives, Burl and Dorothy
Jackson[Icon] Jackson 2-Lot Short Plat SP08-003 9/11/1980 Jackson, David and Barbara
James and Linda Macy[Icon] James and Linda Macy 3-Lot Short Plat SP02-001 4/19/2002 Macy, James and Linda
James C. Zevely[Icon] James C. Zevely 2-Lot Short Plat SP99-002 4/12/1999 Zevely, James
Jenkins[Icon] Jenkins 4-Lot Short Plat SP04-011 6/15/2006 Jenkins, Dennis
Jerry Smith[Icon] Jerry Smith 4-Lot Short Plat SP03-001 2/13/2003 Jerry Smith
John Curtis[Icon] John Curtis 3-Lot Short Plat SP98-001 3/5/1998 Curtis, John and Geralyn
Jonah Petrick[Icon] Jonah Petrick 2-Lot Short Plat SP15-001 3/3/2016 Petrick, Jonah
Kalani[Icon] Kalani 3-Lot Short Plat Kalani, Don and Beverly
Knapp's Moonshine Hill[Icon] Knapp's Moonshine Hill 3-Lot Short Plat SP83-003 8/22/1983 Knapp, Erwin and Andrine
Lavelle[Icon] Lavelle 3-Lot Short Plat SP07-006 11/2/2009 Lavelle, Jason and Marguerite
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