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Name Plat Name Project Description Permit Number Date Recorded Applicant Name (LN, FN)
Burtness[Icon] Burtness 2-Lot Short Plat SP16-1002 9/8/2016 Burtness Revocable Living Trust
Burtness 34th Street[Icon] Burtness 34th Street 8-Lot Short Plat SP95-006 8/20/1996 Burtness, Vern and Muriel
Burtness 35th Place[Icon] Burtness 35th Place 4-Lot Short Plat SP91-001 4/30/1986 Burtness, Vern and Muriel
Cap Sante Park Addition, Lot 26[Icon] Cap Sante Park Addition, Lot 26 3-Lot Short Plat Leonard, John
Chaffey Homes LLC[Icon] Chaffey Homes LLC 3-Lot Short Plat SP06-003 10/19/2007 Chaffey Homes LLC
Channel View[Icon] Channel View 3-Lot Short Plat SP90-001 1/29/1991 Eckberg, Wallace
Charles Entile[Icon] Charles Entile 2-Lot Short Plat SP95-005 Entile, Charles
Chatfield[Icon] Chatfield 3-Lot Short Plat SP03-002 6/20/2003 Jack and Marion Chatfield
City of Anacortes 30th Street[Icon] City of Anacortes 30th Street 4-Lot Short Plat SP95-003 8/30/1995 City of Anacortes
City of Anacortes Urban Renewal[Icon] City of Anacortes Urban Renewal 4-Lot Short Plat SP94-005 2/16/1995 City of Anacortes
City of Anacortes V Place[Icon] City of Anacortes V Place 3-Lot Short Plat SP95-002 8/30/1995 City of Anacortes
Clumpner[Icon] Clumpner 6-Lot Short Plat SP91-002 3/12/1992 Clumpner, Bob and Lori
Coleman[Icon] Coleman 4-Lot Short Plat SP83-002 8/2/1983 Coleman, William and Virginia
Country Corner[Icon] Country Corner 2-Lot Short Plat SP03-006 1/9/2004 Nelson, Greg
Danard[Icon] Danard 4-Lot Short Plat SP85-001 9/23/1985 Danard Custom Homes Inc
Darryl Knutson[Icon] Darryl Knutson 3-Lot Short Plat SP96-001 12/31/1996 Knutson, Darryl
Dee Andrich[Icon] Dee Andrich 2-Lot Short Plat SP98-006 12/14/1998 Andrich, Dee
Dittes[Icon] Dittes 3-Lot Short Plat SP86-002 12/2/1986 Dittes, Dorwin and Esther
Drollman[Icon] Drollman 2-Lot Short Plat SP07-001 10/18/2007 Chord, Sterling and Ida
Etlicher[Icon] Etlicher 3-Lot Short Plat SP89-003 3/7/1990 Etlicher, Vernon and Margaret
Evans[Icon] Evans 2-Lot Short Plat SP03-010 8/10/2004 Evans, Barton and Elizabeth
F.P. Holton[Icon] F.P. Holton 2-Lot Short Plat SP93-004 2/18/1994 Holton, Fred
Fidalgo Marina[Icon] Fidalgo Marina 2-Lot Short Plat SP92-005 1/11/1993 Fidalgo Marina Partnership
Foster[Icon] Foster 2-Lot Short Plat SP83-006 10/26/1983 Foster, Elmer
Franulovic[Icon] Franulovic 2-Lot Short Plat SP04-004 8/27/2004 Franulovic, Adrian
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