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Name Plat Name Project Description Permit Number Date Recorded Applicant Name (LN, FN)
Taylor[Icon] Taylor 2-Lot Short Plat SP91-006 1/22/1992 Taylor, Dennis
Ted Parrish[Icon] Ted Parrish 4-Lot Short Plat SP97-002 2/17/2009 Parrish, Edward and Fayrene
Terry[Icon] Terry 3-Lot Short Plat SP90-004 12/19/1990 Terry, Michael
The Crest at 41st Street[Icon] The Crest at 41st Street 8-Lot Short Plat SP98-008 12/2/1999 Wilmoor Development Corporation
The Southlands[Icon] The Southlands 8-Lot Short Plat SP98-005 Vintage Investments, Inc.
Thompson[Icon] Thompson 2-Lot Short Plat SP91-009 2/7/1992 Thompson, Karen
Todd Kirkpatrick 1995[Icon] Todd Kirkpatrick 1995 4-Lot Short Plat SP95-004 Kirkpatrick, Todd
Todd Kirkpatrick 1996[Icon] Todd Kirkpatrick 1996 2-Lot Short Plat SP96-002 12/27/2002 Kirkpatrick, Todd
Tom Bullock[Icon] Tom Bullock 3-Lot Short Plat SP96-004 6/1/1998 Bullock, Tom
Tradewind Homes[Icon] Tradewind Homes 5-Lot Short Plat SP91-003 10/21/1991 Tradewind Homes
Triple T ‎(Ben Thomas)‎[Icon] Triple T (Ben Thomas) 3-Lot Short Plat SP01-002 7/29/2003 Triple T Construction
Vintage[Icon] Vintage 3-Lot Short Plat SP12-003 6/20/2013 Vintage Investments, Inc.
Vintage Investments[Icon] Vintage Investments 9-Lot Short Plat SP05-006 9/21/2010 Vintage Investments, Inc.
Washington Federal[Icon] Washington Federal 4-Lot Short Plat SP80-005 10/28/1980 Washington Federal Savings and Loan Association
Whistle Creek[Icon] Whistle Creek 9-Lot Short Plat SP91-010 7/2/1992 Knutson Homes/Darryl Knutson
Wilhelm Peterson[Icon] Wilhelm Peterson 2-Lot Short Plat SP96-003 10/10/1996 Peterson, Wilhelm
William Dutcher[Icon] William Dutcher 2-Lot Short Plat SP96-005 5/21/1997 Dutcher, William
Wilmoor[Icon] Wilmoor 6-Lot Short Plat SP03-003 12/4/2003 Wilmoor Development Corporation
Wilson[Icon] Wilson 3-Lot Short Plat SP08-005 1/13/2009 Wilson, James and Marshall, David
Woodside[Icon] Woodside 7-Lot Short Plat SP91-007 11/5/1991 Larson, Frank
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