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Name Address Location Parcel Applicant Name (LN, FN) Plat Name Permit Number Project Number Project Name
Block 1205 NP Addition[Icon] Storm Drainage Reconnaissance
Cap Sante West Basin Redevelopment PW-04-070-DCM Cap Sante POA[Icon] Port of Anacortes 276 PW-04-070-DCM Cap Sante West Basin Redevelopment
P122483[Icon] P122483 Tom Allen Island View Park 3-Lot Short Plat PW-04-006-DEV Island View Short Plat
P19372[Icon] P19372 Ken Crews PW-03-036-DEV Fill and Grade Permit
P31941[Icon] P31941 COHO B AND J LLC PRE-2021-0051 Proposed Apartments
P32880[Icon] P32880 Port of Anacortes Cap Sante North Basin ERTS
P55036[Icon] P55036 Port of Anacortes PW-19-036-DCM Marine Hardware Laydown Yard
P56427[Icon] P56427 Nyal Wilcox 20th and B Development
P58672[Icon] P58672 Vintage Investments / Ron Woolworth Pleasant View 3-lot Short Plat SPL-2012-0003 PW-12-049-DEV 29th Street Short Plat
PW-99-011-DEV Sunset Cove[Icon] Sunset Cove PW-99-011-DEV Sunset Cove
TTT[Icon] City of Anacortes Tommy Thompon Trestle Repair Shoreline Exemption
zClearidge Landscape Easement[Icon] Clearidge Homeowners Association Clearidge Landscape Easement
zIndustrial Park Traffic Study[Icon] 1980 Industrial Park Traffic Study
05-17-21 PW DRG Memo - ARCO[Icon]
05-17-21 Vicinity Map COA[Icon]
Anacortes Citywide Transportation Concurrency Update[Icon]
City of Anacortes 2020 Local Road Safety Plan - Final[Icon]
Sewer 1 Video Report[Icon]
Sewer 2 Video Report[Icon]
Sewer 3 Video Report[Icon]
Sewer 4 Video Report[Icon]
Street Tree List - City of Anacortes[Icon]
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