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Name Project Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Address Status Project Description
SLX-2022-0012[Icon] SLX-2022-0012 - Cap Sante Marina Steel Piling Cathodic Protection KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES Application Complete Installation of cathodic protection equipment on Cap Sante Marina's dock systems. Aluminum anodes will be welded to each piling approximately 5 feet above the mudline to provide cathodic protection to the piling systems.
SLX-2022-0016[Icon] CSM-45 High Capacity Fuel Dispenser KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES Application Complete Removal and replacement of existing fuel dispenser with an updated fuel dispenser with higher capacity. Work will occur from the dock surface and not require any in water work or structural alterations to the dock. The new dispenser will use existing fuel lines and wiring.
SPL-2018-0002[Icon] Rice Short Plat Rice, Darren 4417 H Avenue Withdrawn 4 lot short plat
SPL-2021-0001[Icon] Anaco Beach Road Short Plat LG Anacortes, LLC 4618 Anaco Beach Road The applicant is requesting a Preliminary Short Plat application to divide an approximately 27,853 sq. ft. lot into (3) residential lots.
SPL-2021-0002[Icon] Bergfalk Short Plat Bergfalk, Craig (FDV, LLC) 2307 37th Court The applicant is requesting a Preliminary Short Plat application to divide an approximately 1.38-acre lot into (9) residential lots within the Residential Low Density 2A (R2A) zoning district.
SPL-2022-0002[Icon] Campbell 3-Lot Short Plat HERRIGSTAD ENGINEERING /SURVEYING Application Complete 3-Lot Short Plat from 2 Existing Lots (115 & 117 5th Street)
SPL-2022-0003[Icon] Johnston Short Plat SKILLINGS, INC Application Complete 3 Lot Short Plat
SPR-2022-0002[Icon] North Sound Storage Expansion GARY GRIMNES MCNEIL HOLDINGS, LLC Decision Issued Type 2 Site Plan Review: expansion of storage facility for NorthSound MiniStorage
SPR-2022-0003[Icon] The Outlook Townhomes LANDED GENTRY DEVELOPMENT Application Complete Type 2 review for the construction of (2) townhome buildings for a total of (10) units.
WSF-2022-0001[Icon] 2201 H Ave Eligible Facility Request JENNIFER TAYLOR LYNX CONSULTING Application Complete Eligible Facility Request for new collocation at an existing monopole tower.
WSF-2022-0002[Icon] WSF-2022-0002 - Skyline WSF DISH WIRELESS BY RYKA CONSULTING Application Complete The applicant is requesting a WSF Permit to build a new, 80-foot tall, freestanding wireless communications facility. The proposed antennae on the monopole will be concealed within canisters and ground level equipment will be concealed within cabinets.
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