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Name Project Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Address Status Project Description
SDP-2021-0009[Icon] Skyline Dock & Piling Replacement TYLER ZIMMERMAN Decision Issued SDP for the replacement of existing creosote pilings and dock with gangway
SDP-2021-0010[Icon] Flounder Bay Joint Use Docks TYLER ZIMMERMAN Decision Issued SDP for the replacement of pilings and floats at (3) locations within Flounders Bay
SDP-2021-0011[Icon] Smith Dock Project TYLER ZIMMERMAN Decision Issued Replacement and relocation of dock, pilings, and gangway
SDP-2021-0012[Icon] Port of Anacortes JKL Lot Improvements KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES Decision Issued Improve existing gravel parking lot with landscaping, paving, striping, storm drains and treatment, and lighting.
SDP-2022-0001[Icon] POA Pier 2 Segregation Curb PORT OF ANACORTES Decision Issued Shoreline Substantial Development Permit for the installation of a segregation curb to prevent stormwater runoff
SLX-2021-0007[Icon] Bayside Seawall Project Amos, Meg (Marine Survey & Assessment) Complete The applicant is requesting a shoreline exemption for repair and maintenance of a 525-foot-long existing concrete seawall.
SLX-2021-0008[Icon] Skyline Seawall Project Amos, Meg (Marine Survey & Assessments Complete
SLX-2021-0009[Icon] Heron House Cannery Demolition Strandberg Construction 5th Street Complete The applicant is requesting a shoreline exemption for the demolition of a former fish processing facility that is currently in a state of collapse on the Guemes Channel.
SLX-2021-0011[Icon] Pier replacement Brent Moore, Seattle Northwest Yachts, LLC 2417 T Avenue
SLX-2021-0014[Icon] WWU Shoreline Restoration STATE OF WASH W W S C LAB Decision Issued Shoreline restoration of the WWW Shannon Point Marine Center
SLX-2021-0015[Icon] Washington Park Boat Ramp Project CITY OF ANACORTES Decision Issued Repair and maintenance via cleaning and paving of existing concrete boat ramp at Washington Park
SLX-2021-0016[Icon] Flounder Bay Piling Replacement TYLER ZIMMERMAN Application Complete Shoreline Exemption for the replacement of pilings at (3) locations within Flounders Bay
SLX-2021-0017[Icon] Rample Deck Replacement NICOLO BRUNO CONSTRUCTION Application Complete Replacement and expansion of existing deck
SLX-2021-0018[Icon] Trident Seafoods Piling Repair THOMPSON ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Application Complete Repair and maintenace of (77) existing creosote pilings
SLX-2021-0019[Icon] Port of Anacortes Concrete Pad KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES Application Complete Install a 10 ft. by 9 ft. concrete pad to access Harbor Master's office
SLX-2021-0020[Icon] Tsang SFR Remodel & Expansion UNDERWOOD & ASSOCIATES Application Complete Construction of remodel and expansion of SFR on Flounders Bay
SLX-2021-0021[Icon] Cap Sante Centennial Trail CITY OF ANACORTES Application Complete Normal repair and maintenance to the existing Centennial Trail in Cap Sante Park
SLX-2022-0001[Icon] Fidalgo Marina Breakwater Repairs Anna Kopitov, PND ENGINEERS, INC Decision Issued Repair of damaged supporting piles for an existing breakwater
SLX-2022-0002[Icon] SLX-2022-0002 - 2011 Skyline Way STEVEN MCDERMOTT Application Complete Five, 14" creosote treated wood piles will be removed and replaced with five, 12" galvanized steel piles in the existing footprint.
SLX-2022-0003[Icon] SLX-2022-0003 - MRT-65 Curtis Wharf Catwalk Repairs KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES Application Complete Damaged catwalk will be removed using hand tools, four bolts will be loosened by a worker with a 1/2" drive ratchet, the catwalk will be lifted with slings and a boom truck and loaded onto a flatbed truck. The catwalk repairs will happen off-site, at a fabrication shop, presumably using state-of-the
SLX-2022-0004[Icon] SLX-2022-0004 - Washington Fire Pits CITY OF ANACORTES Application Complete This application is for the parks crew to remove and replace five existing firepits with eight fire rings in the same area along the beach. Parks crew will use a mini excavator to remove the old fire pits and will keep all the equipment on the grass and off the beach.
SLX-2022-0005[Icon] SLX-2022-0005 - Smith Deck Replacement JASON SMITH Application Complete Request to remove existing deck and replace with composite decking, relocate hot tub on new concrete pad, and extedn gas line for built in gas fire pit on new deck
SLX-2022-0006[Icon] SLX-2022-0006 - 415 E Park Dr JOE & LINDA LINDHOLM Application Complete Proposed 7 ft. chain link fence on the side of their prevent deer browse and keep dogs on property. Proposed fence is within residential shoreline jurisdiction.
SLX-2022-0010[Icon] 5201 Doon Way TELESIS DESIGN - MICHAEL TRAFTON Application Complete Removal of existing decking material and replace with new decking material, no increase to size of existing deck.
SLX-2022-0011[Icon] SLX-2022-0011 - 4210 Navigator Lane Jim Sykora Application Complete SFR to be built on a developed lot.
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