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Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Project Name Address Project Description
CUP-2019-0002[Icon] City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation Grandview Cemetery Expansion 411 Hillcrest Drive Grandview Cemetery Expansion
CUP-2020-0001[Icon] Madrona Real Estate Investors X LLC 1015 18th Street Parking Lot 1015 18th Street New parking lot with 18 spaces to support existing commercial uses across 18th St. CUP required due to portion of parking area being located in the R4 zone.
CUP-2022-0001[Icon] JODI BOYDEN Fiddlehead School Expansion Expansion of existing Fiddlehead School
LPS-2020-0001[Icon] Anacopper LLC The Crossings 1905 Anacopper Mine Road Cottage housing site plan and unit lot subdivision/preliminary long subdivision application to divide 5.2 acres into 21 lots, with 18 cottage units and 3 standard single family homes in the R2 zone.
PLN-2019-0003[Icon] City of Anacortes Parks & Recreation Dept. ACFL Plan Update
PLN-2019-0010[Icon] City of Anacortes Critical Areas Regulations Update
PLN-2020-0001[Icon] City of Anacortes ACCESS Anacortes Fiber Internet Deployment of a fiber optic network throughout the City of Anacortes.
PRE-2018-0038[Icon] Samish Indian Nation Samish Indian Nation Cottages 2109 34th Street Up to 18 two-bedroom cottages of approximately 1000 sf each, each with a 300 sf carport, and a 1000 sf community building for the residents of the development on two acres at 2109 34th Street in Anacortes.
PRE-2020-0010[Icon] Didgwalic Wellness Center Didgwalic Phase III 8322 South March's Point Road Phase III includes Detox, Training Center, Transitional Housing, Maintenance, parking and associated walks and drives
PRE-2020-0013[Icon] Bayside Marina Bayside Marina replacement 2410 Skyline Way Replace all floats and pilings
PRE-2020-0033[Icon] Kyle Carrick, KPFF MJB North Shoreline Phase 1
SDP-2020-0002[Icon] Bayshore Moorage Marina Marina Replacement
SDP-2021-0001[Icon] MJB Properties, LLC MJB SSDP Clearing & Grading The applicant has requested a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SSDP) for clearing and grading activities to occur within shoreline jurisdiction of Fidalgo Bay.
SDP-2021-0005[Icon] City of Anacortes Waste Water Treatment Plant Outfall Replacement 500 T Avenue
SDP-2021-0008[Icon] Kavanaugh, John Delmar-Brownson Dock Replacement 2208 Dover Drive The applicant has requested a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SSDP) with SEPA Review for the replacement of a private residential dock on Flounders Bay.
SDP-2021-0012[Icon] KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES Port of Anacortes JKL Lot Improvements Improve existing gravel parking lot with landscaping, paving, striping, storm drains and treatment, and lighting.
SPL-2020-0003[Icon] Landed Gentry Cherry Court Short Plat & CUP 6 lot short subdivision and conditional use permit
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