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Name Project Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Application Date Decision Date Project Description
PLN-2021-0010[Icon] R Ave Townhomes R32, LLC 5/25/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review for the construction of 10-townhome units. The project proposes (2) buildings, each building would include (5) units.
PLN-2021-0011[Icon] Anacortes Family Center Anacortes Family Center 6/3/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review with SEPA Review for the construction of a 4-story multifamily residential building with the ground floor providing a commercial space.
PLN-2021-0015[Icon] Welch Bros Industrial Complex Welch Brothers Construction 6/14/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review with SEPA review for the construction of (2) pre-engineered metal buildings, totaling 31,800 sq. ft. of building area.
PLN-2021-0016[Icon] 2022-2027 Capital Facilities Plan Update City of Anacortes 2022-2027 CFP Update
PLN-2021-0019[Icon] DISH Wireless Monopole RYKA CONSULTING 12/10/2021 3/28/2022 New wireless service facility (WSF) for a 73 ft. concealment monopole for DISH Wireless
PLN-2022-0002[Icon] City of Anacortes - Guemes View Fiber Installation CITY OF ANACORTES 2/23/2022 3/17/2022 SEPA Reveiw for COA Fiber High Speed Cable Installation - Guemes View
SDP-2019-0001[Icon] Cap Sante Marina Fiber Installation Port of Anacortes 7/19/2019 9/11/2019 Underground installation of fiber from the Cap Sante Marina’s Fuel dock and trailer boat launch to the harbormaster office
SDP-2020-0002[Icon] Marina Replacement Bayshore Moorage Marina 9/23/2020
SDP-2021-0001[Icon] MJB SSDP Clearing & Grading MJB Properties, LLC 2/22/2021 The applicant has requested a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SSDP) for clearing and grading activities to occur within shoreline jurisdiction of Fidalgo Bay.
SDP-2021-0002[Icon] Croatian Way Bulkhead Repair McIntyre 5/6/2021
SDP-2021-0003[Icon] Croatian Way Seawall Repair Waring 5/6/2021
SDP-2021-0004[Icon] Croatian Way Seawall Repair Horesh, Allen 5/5/2021
SDP-2021-0005[Icon] Waste Water Treatment Plant Outfall Replacement City of Anacortes 5/25/2021
SDP-2021-0008[Icon] Delmar-Brownson Dock Replacement Kavanaugh, John 5/21/2021 The applicant has requested a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SSDP) with SEPA Review for the replacement of a private residential dock on Flounders Bay.
SDP-2021-0009[Icon] Skyline Dock & Piling Replacement TYLER ZIMMERMAN 9/14/2021 11/30/2021 SDP for the replacement of existing creosote pilings and dock with gangway
SDP-2021-0010[Icon] Flounder Bay Joint Use Docks TYLER ZIMMERMAN 9/14/2021 12/9/2021 SDP for the replacement of pilings and floats at (3) locations within Flounders Bay
SDP-2021-0011[Icon] Smith Dock Project TYLER ZIMMERMAN 9/22/2021 12/9/2021 Replacement and relocation of dock, pilings, and gangway
SDP-2021-0012[Icon] Port of Anacortes JKL Lot Improvements KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES 12/21/2021 4/4/2022 Improve existing gravel parking lot with landscaping, paving, striping, storm drains and treatment, and lighting.
SDP-2022-0001[Icon] POA Pier 2 Segregation Curb PORT OF ANACORTES 2/1/2022 3/23/2022 Shoreline Substantial Development Permit for the installation of a segregation curb to prevent stormwater runoff
SLX-2020-0003[Icon] Fidalgo Marina Piling Replacement Jeff Gietzen FIdalgo Marina Owners Association 1/31/2020 Shoreline exemption and SEPA review for the replacement or encapsulation of up to 15 creosote timber pilings in the FIdalgo Marina.
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