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Name Project Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Application Date Decision Date Project Description
CUP-2020-0001[Icon] 1015 18th Street Parking Lot Madrona Real Estate Investors X LLC 2/21/2020 New parking lot with 18 spaces to support existing commercial uses across 18th St. CUP required due to portion of parking area being located in the R4 zone.
CUP-2021-0001[Icon] Cap Sante North Basin RV Park Port of Anacortes 4/5/2021 Develop RV Park with utilities and landscaping.
CUP-2022-0001[Icon] Fiddlehead School Expansion JODI BOYDEN 1/27/2022 4/18/2022 Expansion of existing Fiddlehead School
CUP-2022-0002[Icon] Samish Early Learning Center KIM MCKINNON SAMISH INDIAN NATION 2/2/2022 4/25/2022 Conditional Use Permit and Type-2 Site Plan Review for a proposed 4,130 sq. ft. early learning center with site improvements
HMO-2019-0005[Icon] Home Occupation Permit Warnekros, Francie 9/24/2019 Provide piano lessons from an existing single-family residence
HMO-2020-0003[Icon] 1213 15th St. #B Home Occ Stephen Shrader 9/21/2020 Massage therapy home business
HMO-2021-0002[Icon] Roots Reiki Home Occupation Gray, Taya 6/8/2021 The applicant is requesting a Home Occupation Permit for a home-based Reiki healing practice.
HMO-2021-0003[Icon] Cox Chiropractic Practice Cox, David 7/19/2021 The applicant is requesting a Home Occupation Permit for a home-based chiropractic practice.
HMO-2022-0001[Icon] Weightloss-to-Wellness GRAF HEIDI 1/24/2022 2/23/2022 Home Occupation Permit for a weight loss buisness service
HMO-2022-0002[Icon] Tri County Electrical SVCS LLC Home Occupation TODD/ERINN WELLIVER 8/16/2022 10/7/2022 Electrical contractor home office. Use of 300sf home office in existing residence, and requesting use of public street for up to (3) employees to park during work week.
LPS-2020-0001[Icon] The Crossings Anacopper LLC 2/21/2020 Cottage housing site plan and unit lot subdivision/preliminary long subdivision application to divide 5.2 acres into 21 lots, with 18 cottage units and 3 standard single family homes in the R2 zone.
PLN-2019-0007[Icon] Ultimate Garage of Anacortes SEPA review Ultimate Garage of Anacortes Hanesworth, Daniel 8/1/2019 3/18/2020 Construct 2 self-service, mutli-unit heated storage facilities with associated site infrastructure, utilities, parking and landscape.
PLN-2019-0008[Icon] Fidalgo Flats Madrona Real Estate Investors VIII, LLC 8/21/2019 1/15/2020 5-story, 25-unit apartment building
PLN-2020-0012[Icon] Skagit River Raw Water Pipeline and Second Clearwell Project City of Anacortes Fred Buckenmeyer, Director - Public Works 4/23/2020 5/6/2020 Construct a new 42" raw water pipeline under the Skagit River and a new clear well at the Anacortes Water Treatment Plant.
PLN-2020-0017[Icon] Samish 34th St. Housing Leslie Eastwood, Samish Indian Nation 8/10/2020 Type 2 Site Plan review and SEPA for a 14 unit cottage housing development with community building
PLN-2020-0019[Icon] Cascade Natural Gas Corp. March Point Replacement Phase 2 John Bailey, Cascade Natural Gas Coporation 9/3/2020 Install 3,100 linear feet of new 8-inch steel high pressure gas line, 2,200 linear feet of new 2-inch PE distribution pressure pipeline, and a new valve station to replace existing infrastructure.
PLN-2021-0001[Icon] Skyline Townhomes Strandberg Construction, INC
PLN-2021-0007[Icon] 21st Street Townhomes IRWIN, DAVID 4/12/2021 Type-2 Site Plan Review for construction of 14-townhome units. The project proposes (4) buildings: Building A and Building B to each have (4) units and Building C and Building D to each have (3) units.
PLN-2021-0008[Icon] Majestic Inn & Spa Additions Oliver, Russ 4/21/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review with SEPA Review for additions to the Majestic Inn and Spa. The project proposes to add 12 guest rooms to the North building and expand the kitchen of the South building.
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