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Name Project Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Project Description Application Date Decision Date Page count Permit Number
HMO-2019-0005[Icon] Home Occupation Permit Warnekros, Francie Provide piano lessons from an existing single-family residence 9/24/2019 HMO-2019-0005
PLN-2019-0008[Icon] Fidalgo Flats Madrona Real Estate Investors VIII, LLC 5-story, 25-unit apartment building 8/21/2019 1/15/2020 PLN-2019-0008
SDP-2019-0001[Icon] Cap Sante Marina Fiber Installation Port of Anacortes Underground installation of fiber from the Cap Sante Marina’s Fuel dock and trailer boat launch to the harbormaster office 7/19/2019 9/11/2019 SDP-2019-0001
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