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Name Project Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Application Date Project Description
SLX-2020-0003[Icon] Fidalgo Marina Piling Replacement Jeff Gietzen FIdalgo Marina Owners Association 1/31/2020 Shoreline exemption and SEPA review for the replacement or encapsulation of up to 15 creosote timber pilings in the FIdalgo Marina.
SLX-2021-0007[Icon] Bayside Seawall Project Amos, Meg (Marine Survey & Assessment) 5/7/2021 The applicant is requesting a shoreline exemption for repair and maintenance of a 525-foot-long existing concrete seawall.
SLX-2021-0008[Icon] Skyline Seawall Project Amos, Meg (Marine Survey & Assessments 5/7/2021 The applicant is requesting a shoreline exemption for repair and maintenance of an existing concrete seawall to preserve the 1,528 sq. ft. clubhouse/cabana on Burrows Bay.
SLX-2021-0009[Icon] Heron House Cannery Demolition Strandberg Construction 5/17/2021 The applicant is requesting a shoreline exemption for the demolition of a former fish processing facility that is currently in a state of collapse on the Guemes Channel.
SLX-2021-0011[Icon] Pier replacement Brent Moore, Seattle Northwest Yachts, LLC 5/19/2021
SLX-2021-0014[Icon] WWU Shoreline Restoration STATE OF WASH W W S C LAB 8/21/2021 Shoreline restoration of the WWU Shannon Point Marine Center
SLX-2021-0015[Icon] Washington Park Boat Ramp Project CITY OF ANACORTES 9/2/2021 Repair and maintenane via cleaning and paving of existing concrete boat ramp at Washington Park
SPL-2018-0002[Icon] Rice Short Plat Rice, Darren 4/30/2018 4 lot short plat
SPL-2019-0003[Icon] 2102 32nd Street short subdivision to divide 1 lot into 2 lots Kreider Construction Inc. 11/5/2019 Preliminary short subdivision application to divide 1 lot into 2 lots. One existing home will be retained on one of the lots, and the other lot will be large enough for a potential future duplex.
SPL-2020-0001[Icon] Felt Short Plat Felt, Chris 1/1/1900
SPL-2020-0002[Icon] 4207 H Ave, Wilson Short Plat Wilson, Daniel 1/1/1900
SPL-2020-0003[Icon] Cherry Court Short Plat & CUP Landed Gentry 1/1/1900 6 lot short subdivision and conditional use permit
SPL-2020-0004[Icon] Hester's First Addition Short Plat Andy Holman 9/3/2020 2 lot subdivision in the R3 zone.
SPL-2020-0006[Icon] Skagit Cohousing Mulitfamily D Hill Group LLC 1/31/2020 30 Unit Multifamily residential development.
SPL-2021-0001[Icon] Anaco Beach Road Short Plat LG Anacortes, WA 5/17/2021 The applicant is requesting a Preliminary Short Plat application to divide an approximately 27,853 sq. ft. lot into (3) residential lots.
SPL-2021-0002[Icon] Bergfalk Short Plat Bergfalk, Craig (FDV, LLC) 5/21/2021 The applicant is requesting a Preliminary Short Plat application to divide an approximately 1.38-acre lot into (9) residential lots within the Residential Low Density 2A (R2A) zoning district.
SPL-2022-0001[Icon] Bonewits 2-Lot Short Plat MICHAEL BONEWITS 2/8/2022 2-Lot Short Plat
SPL-2022-0002[Icon] Campbell 3-Lot Short Plat HERRIGSTAD ENGINEERING /SURVEYING 2/8/2022 3-Lot Short Plat from 2 Existing Lots (115 & 117 5th Street)
SPL-2022-0003[Icon] Johnston Short Plat SKILLINGS, INC 4/1/2022 3 Lot Short Plat
SPL-2022-0004[Icon] SPL-2022-0004 - 1219 D Ave Kreider GREG KREIDER 6/2/2022 Two lot short plat with no road work required.
SPL-2022-0005[Icon] Thiel-Collins 3-Lot Jeff Thiel & Bettijean Collins 9/29/2022 Subdivide property into three lots, re-align existing driveway, connect utilities, etc. Stormwater runoff and subsurface flow will be intercepted at the southern property line. A rain garden is prposed to treat captured surface runoff.
SPL-2022-0006[Icon] SPL-2022-0006 - Kreider 4-Lot GREG KREIDER 12/12/2022 4 Lot Short Plat for 4 single family homes. New sidewalk with curb and gutter along frontage extending to 29th Street to the north.
SPL-2023-0001[Icon] BW & NS Highlands 2-lot short plat DEBBIE HEADRICK 4/4/2023 Subdivide existing lot into two (2) building lots.
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