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Name Project Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Application Date Project Description
PLN-2020-0013[Icon] Lopez Island Creamery Alex Thieman 6/19/2020 New 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing/warehouse building with tasting area, parking and landscaping.
PLN-2020-0017[Icon] Samish 34th St. Housing Leslie Eastwood, Samish Indian Nation 8/10/2020 Type 2 Site Plan review and SEPA for a 14 unit cottage housing development with community building
PLN-2020-0019[Icon] Cascade Natural Gas Corp. March Point Replacement Phase 2 John Bailey, Cascade Natural Gas Coporation 9/3/2020 Install 3,100 linear feet of new 8-inch steel high pressure gas line, 2,200 linear feet of new 2-inch PE distribution pressure pipeline, and a new valve station to replace existing infrastructure.
PLN-2021-0001[Icon] Skyline Townhomes Strandberg Construction, INC
PLN-2021-0007[Icon] 21ST TOWNHOMES IRWIN, DAVID 4/12/2021
PLN-2021-0008[Icon] Majestic Inn & Spa Additions Oliver, Russ 4/21/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review with SEPA Review for additions to the Majestic Inn and Spa. The project proposes to add 12 guest rooms to the North building and expand the kitchen of the South building.
PLN-2021-0010[Icon] R Ave Townhomes R32, LLC 5/25/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review for the construction of 10-townhome units. The project proposes (2) buildings, each building would include (5) units.
PLN-2021-0011[Icon] Anacortes Family Center Anacortes Family Center 6/3/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review with SEPA Review for the construction of a 4-story multifamily residential building with the ground floor providing a commercial space.
PLN-2021-0015[Icon] Welch Bros Industrial Complex Welch Brothers Construction 6/14/2021 The applicant is requesting a Type-2 Site Plan Review with SEPA review for the construction of (2) pre-engineered metal buildings, totaling 31,800 sq. ft. of building area.
PLN-2021-0019[Icon] DISH Wireless Monopole RYKA CONSULTING 12/10/2021 New wireless service facility (WSF) for a 73 ft. concealment monopole for DISH Wireless
PLN-2022-0002[Icon] City of Anacortes - Guemes View Fiber Installation CITY OF ANACORTES 2/23/2022 SEPA Reveiw for COA Fiber High Speed Cable Installation - Guemes View
PUD-2012-0001[Icon] Hidden Shores Barth, Jerod 10/17/2014 Planned Unit Development, Preliminary Plat, Conditional Use Permit for development of 2.43 acres into three lots with 10 single family residences.
SDP-2020-0001[Icon] Cap Sante dock Jackson, Tom 3/24/2020 New private dock
SDP-2020-0002[Icon] Marina Replacement Bayshore Moorage Marina 9/23/2020
SDP-2021-0001[Icon] MJB SSDP Clearing & Grading MJB Properties, LLC 2/22/2021 The applicant has requested a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SSDP) for clearing and grading activities to occur within shoreline jurisdiction of Fidalgo Bay.
SDP-2021-0002[Icon] Croatian Way Bulkhead Repair McIntyre
SDP-2021-0003[Icon] Croatian Way Seawall Repair Waring 5/6/2021
SDP-2021-0004[Icon] Croatian Way Seawall Repair Horesh, Allen 5/5/2021
SDP-2021-0005[Icon] Waste Water Treatment Plant Outfall Replacement City of Anacortes 5/25/2021
SDP-2021-0008[Icon] Delmar-Brownson Dock Replacement Kavanaugh, John 5/21/2021 The applicant has requested a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SSDP) with SEPA Review for the replacement of a private residential dock on Flounders Bay.
SDP-2021-0009[Icon] Skyline Dock & Piling Replacement TYLER ZIMMERMAN 9/14/2021 SDP for the replacement of existing creosote pilings and dock with gangway
SDP-2021-0010[Icon] Flounder Bay Joint Use Docks TYLER ZIMMERMAN 9/14/2021 SDP for the replacement of pilings and floats at (3) locations within Flounders Bay
SDP-2021-0011[Icon] Smith Dock Project TYLER ZIMMERMAN 9/22/2021 Replacement and relocation of dock, pilings and gangway
SDP-2021-0012[Icon] Port of Anacortes JKL Lot Improvements KEVIN ANDERSON PORT OF ANACORTES 12/21/2021 Improve existing gravel parking lot with landscaping, paving, striping, storm drains and treatment, and lighting.
SDP-2022-0001[Icon] POA Pier 2 Segregation Curb PORT OF ANACORTES 2/1/2022 Shoreline Substantial Development Permit for the installation of a segregation curb to prevent stormwater runoff
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