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Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Address Project Description Project Name
PRE-2021-0051[Icon] Bob Evans 2-building multistory apartment complex Evans 33 Apartments
PRE-2021-0052[Icon] Julie Marquez Subdivide property into 2 lots with construction of a duplex on proposed Lot 2 Krieder D Ave Duplex
PRE-2021-0053[Icon] Jeff Theil Feasibility for a 3-lot short plat with the construction of eco-SFRs or duplexes Thiel-Collins Residential Development
PRE-2021-0054[Icon] Colin Smith Seeking project feasibility for the construction of a townhome with potential subdivision and/or unit lot subdivision. 16th Street Townhome Development
PRE-2021-0055[Icon] Red Oz House, LLC Construction of (2) townhouse buildings for a total of (8) units Red Oz House Townhomes
PRE-2021-0056[Icon] John Campbell Short plat 2 existing lots into 3 lots SEE previous PRE-2021-0038 Campbell 5th Street Short Plat
PRE-2021-0057[Icon] Mike Bonewits Seeking information for a 2-lot short plat with a 14 ft. access easement Kingsway Short Plat
PRE-2021-0058[Icon] Jeff Smith, Ryka Consulting Installation of new monopole wireless communication facility Skyline Wireless Service Facility
PRE-2022-0001[Icon] Marty Hall Construct 4-Plex with potential BLA to unit lot subdivide the (4) units Hall 4-Plex
PRE-2022-0002 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Port of Anacortes - Kevin Anderson Clear & Grade, ROW Permit, Shoreline Substantial Development Permit PRE-2023-0002 - 2nd Street & Curtis Wharf Entry Paving
PRE-2022-0003[Icon] Schwin Chaosilapakul, Patrick Harron & Associates Construction of a 60 ft. by 40 ft. post frame building for storage purposes associated with The Plumbing Guys Plumbing Guys Storage Building
PRE-2022-0004[Icon] Per Kefgen Addition to existing commercial building to accommodate business growth Miramar Addition
PRE-2022-0005[Icon] Jeff Smith Construction of a new wireless services facility H Ave Monopole
PRE-2022-0006[Icon] Dana Bucke Seeking feasibility for residential development T Ave Development
PRE-2022-0007[Icon] Luke Stanage The applicant is requesting a pre-application meeting to discuss the possibility of subdividing his parcel. PRE-2022-0007 - Stanage Short Plat
PRE-2022-0008[Icon] Jeremy McNett, Underwood Architects Construct new 2-story commercial bank building SaviBank
PRE-2022-0009[Icon] Stephen Sziebert The proposed project is the development of Skagit County Parcel Numbers P121758 and P58796 as one of two options: i. three unit cottage development per parcel. ii. two single family homes per parcel. PRE-2022-0009 - Commercial Ave Development
PRE-2022-0010[Icon] Stephen & Virginia Orsini The applicant is exploring the following options: 1. Remove the main house and clear the lot except for the structure at the back of the lot. 2. Build 3 other structures on the lot, with parking accessible from the alley. PRE-2022-0010 - Shearwater Properties
PRE-2022-0012[Icon] Kevin Parker Seeking information about a building permit for an attached garage/entry addition; 6' living space addition to the rear of the existing home; and interior remodel to accomodate a laundry room and an additional bathroom Hale Addition/Remodel
PRE-2022-0013[Icon] Brooks Middleton Seeking information for the construction of a new SFR Rayson SFR
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