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Name Applicant Name (LN, FN) Address Project Description Project Name
PRE-2022-0040[Icon] Nina Baron 9-unit multifamily apartment building, 3-stories with 8 parking spaces. Sonia Inc. Apartments
PRE-2022-0041[Icon] Andrea McMakin Proposed gravel access road for access to 5-acre parcel East of "H" Avenue with an access easement from the east end of Quail Drive. PRE-2022-0041 - McMakin Access Driveway
PRE-2022-0041 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Shannon Hartley Construct a 5,040sf (180' x 28') storage building. Frontier Building Supply Storage Building
PRE-2022-0044[Icon] Randy Click Proposed nine (9) cottage unit development. Tiger Claw Cottages
PRE-2022-0045[Icon] Gregory Smith & Denise Hermans-Smith Bed and Breakfast in basement. 5th Street Bed & Breakfast
PRE-2022-0046[Icon] Michael Trafton Construct triplex on R3 zoned lot with existing SFR to remain. Conditional Use Permit process to establish a triplex in the R3 zone or look into rezoning to R4. Morris 3 Plex
PRE-2022-0047[Icon] Grace & Victor Perez Proposal is to alter underlying plat pattern orienting both lots to the east/west, removing alley access for the house off 19th Street. Applicant proposes both lots to meet current min lot area standards. Perez Short Plat
PRE-2022-0048[Icon] Nia Bowen Evaluating the feasibility of selling this parcel to a developer for single-story small cottage family residences. Owner is evaluating option of subdividing entire parcel or keeping his primary residence on the corner of 41st and H and only developing th H Avenue / Bowen
PRE-2022-0049[Icon] John Cooper Big Sky West LLC proposes to construct 4 warehouses on the subject parcel with associated driveways and parking. The parcel is located adjacent to an offsite category II wetland. PRE-2022-0049 - Big Sky West Warehouses
PRE-2022-0050[Icon] Port of Anacortes This project is a MTCA cleanup project and exempt from local permits (RCW 70A305.090); however, the Port needs to coordinate with the City on permitting. This project will remove and dispose of ~6,500CY of soils with elevated levels of nickel and arsenic. PRE-2022-0050 DCI Cleanup
PRE-2023-0001[Icon] Bruce Rustad Per Applicant: Small lot creating parking problem for the adjacent existing house. Per Staff: Existing panhandle parcels were created without City approval and are not recognized as two legal buildable lots. Preapp to investigate short plat probability. Rani Q & 26th Short Plat
PRE-2023-0003[Icon] Skagit County attn: David Walde Installation of an electric storage/charging system that will automatically charge the new electric ferry each time it docks in Anacortes. Additional work includes installation of new dock aprons, a new charging arm, and associated platforms and gangways. Guemes Ferry Shoreside Electrical Charging
PRE-2023-0005[Icon] Michael Drollinger & Jennifer Kipp Construct new single-family residence. Drollinger/Kipp SFR
PRE-2023-0007[Icon] Kris Yaun - Keystone Property Services Feasibility on building an additional (5) SFR on property. PRE-2023-0007 - 1401 38th Short Plat
PRE-2023-0009[Icon] Eric McGrew Requesting construction of a 20 T hangar building on the NE portion of Anacortes Airport. PRE-2023-0009 - Anacortes Hangers Northeast
PRE-2023-0010[Icon] Andrew Lemberg Clear blackberry that has overtaken existing road, apply for a building permit for SFR. PRE-2023-0010 - Lemberg Family Project
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